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Wedding Show: Franklin Plaza (Troy)

It's this Sunday, anyone going? I am. FI may go with me, or maybe MOH. Not sure yet. FI and I went to one in Saratoga last year and I loved it. I got sooo many ideas, but we weren't even that far in to planning at that point. We actually were not even officially engadged, we just knew we were on our wya to that. I'm really excited for this one and all the others this season.

Re: Wedding Show: Franklin Plaza (Troy)

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    We're thinking about it...our wedding isn't until October 2010 and the place we are getting married is having one in February so we're not sure if it's too early...guess we'll see how we feel Sunday :-)
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    Have you ever been to one? I went to one in Saratoga last winter, before I even had a ring haha. They are great. You get free food and drinks and can enter to win all sorts of great things. You all get a lot of coupons from local vendors. A lot of the same vendors attend the big local ones, but, also, a lot don't. I would say make it to all you can if ou have the free time. My personal philosophy is "it doesn't hurt." I figure if I have already paid for a HM and then win one, it can be an extra vaca or I could sell it. I'm not planning on huge floral centerpieces, but if I win them or find  ahuge dscount at a show, why not? And did I mention free food and booze ;)
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    Is it free?  That might persuade me.  :-) I've never been to a show and we have everything mostly booked right now but I'm sort of curious.  Have fun if you go!
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    hmmm I think I'm sold!
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    it's absolutely free. You can enter drawings, win door prizes, get pics with FI or whatever friend, try food, try drinks, there are cake tasting...tons tons to do! I don't know how big this one is, but FI and I went to the 1 at Saratoga Automobile Museum and park last year...we spent hours, it was huge. They offered shuttles and eerything. That one is in the winter. That one had liek a $5 cover, but it was well worth it! fly 92 and 95.5 will both be at this one Sunday.
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    Anything at Franklin Plaza is worth going to. ;)Love, A very happy FP bride :)
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    I'm there. I didn't even know about this one. Thanks!
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