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florists are insane

So i have been meeting with different florists cause i wanted to get a good feeling with one of them. i met with one of them today and OMG they are double the amount of the others. and i didn't get a good feeling being in there anyway. sorry just had to vent

Re: florists are insane

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    Sorry you haven't had luck. Keep looking until you find someone you are comfortable with, as well as the price. GL
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    Ugh!  I had that experience too.  I actually laughed in the face of a florist when he gave me the estimate, $20k for flowers.  Are you freaking kidding me?  Just keep looking and you will find someone.  I went with the one that was not the cheapest, but captured my vision best.  He was in the middle of the pack though.  You will find a good fit, I promise!
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    20k!!!!!!!  That's crazy!  Good luck on the search- where are you?   What area are you in?
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    annabear, if you don't mind me asking..what florist did you use?? I think I remember reading that you got married in Saratoga Springs and I'm also getting married there.  
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    We used Meme's in Corinth and they were great.  Awesome prices too. (pics and review in bio)Good luck!  That's always so frustrating!
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    I used Flethousen's in Niskyuna.  They did a beautiful job with the flowers.  Everyone raved about them.  I worked with Mark specifically, and he was great and very responsive. Yeah the $20k one was ridiculous.  That florist was located in the capital region.  Beautiful arrangements but at a price!
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    Ahem, that's Felthousen's not Flethousen's. I need to learn to not Knot before coffee!
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