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AW: Finally finished my thank yous!

Wohoo!  One month later and I FINALLY finished my thank you cards!  All 150-ish of them!  DH only had to write about 20 and he still has two to go.  Who rocks?  This guy!Okay, I'm done!Oh, bio has been updated with some new pics and whatnot.  Still waiting for pro pics, but I'll put them up when I get them.  I have a couple, but it'll still be a couple weeks more for the rest.  But the ones I have are AWESOME!  I can't say enough how completely EXCELLENT Holly is!  (Out of the Ordinary Photography)  I love her!Okay, now I'm really done!
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2010 Highlights
9/26 Adirondack Marathon 5:11:37 (major knee pain, but hey, I finished!)

2011 Races and Results
5/29 Buffalo Marathon (5:25 - not pretty, just trying not to get heatstroke!)
9/25 Adirondack Marathon (take 2!)
One of these days I'll have a good marathon!

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