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If you haven't booked your photographer, florist, DJ and even venue...continue reading!!Photographer- Crystale Herry, Ultime Images out of Syracuse. If you book her, you will also be getting a wedding coordinator for the day of. She is absolutely amazing and made the day run so smooth and never missed a shot!Florist- Coriale in Utica. Tino is incredible. I had more comments on my flowers than anything else. They were AMAZING and very very reasonable in price. Please take my advice, you won't be sorry! DJ- Steve Turner with Turner Productions. He was incredible, I cannot say enough! Nobody left the dance floor the entire night and people are still talking about the "game" he did to give away the centerpieces. It really set the tone for the whole night and got everyone involved.Venue- Turning Stone. I cannot say enough about how incredible their planners are. They cater to your every need and never miss a beat. The food was incredible, couldn't have been any better!!!Any questions, feel free to email me: Emily2me at gmail dot com.
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    Thanks for the info! I just looked at Crystal's website and sent her a message. She takes amazing photos!
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    Hey Emily!  So glad to hear about your wonderful wedding and see a pic!  I am definintely going to check out your vendors.  I am a TS bride next July and glad to hear they really did a great job.  Congrats!!!!!
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    how much does Turner Productions run? I'm just interested in a simple four hours of music and announcements...nothing fancy.
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    I think it was around $1200 for 5 hours of music
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    Congratulations on your wedding!! I just recently got engaged and looked at Turning Stone a few weeks ago.  Just wanted to ask you where you did your pictures.  Did you marry in a church?  What about at Turning Stone itself?  Are there any good places to take pictures there??  I'm actually going to look into hiring Crystal for my photos...she did my best friends wedding in May and did a great job!  Any info would be great! ThanksChrissy
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