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Shuttle Service Recs in Buffalo

Hi Everyone, I have about 50 out of town guests that I'm going to need to provide shuttle service to and from the reception. Does anyone have any recommendations for shuttle service companies? Some of the price estimates I've received seem high -- anywhere from $600-1000. The hotel and reception are less than a five minute drive apart. Just wondering if anyone else has had to do this and was able to do it for under $500? Thanks!

Re: Shuttle Service Recs in Buffalo

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    Have you talked to the hotel about whether they have a shuttle you could use for free or for a minimal fee?
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    Here's an email I got when I asked for a price quote; hope it helps:Hello Jill   We have school buses and motorcoaches. A scool bus would run 285.00 for 5 hours and 31.00 for each additional hr. that holds 44 passengers. We also have a 20 pass school bus van that is 220.00 for 5 hours and 26.00 for each additional hr. and a 14 adult school bus van that is 198.00 for 5 hours and 21.00 for each add. Our smallest motorcoach is 47 pass and that would be 600.00 for 5 hours and 60.00 for each add hr. Hope this helps. Thank You Terri Angelo   GRAND TOURS/ RIDGE ROAD EXPRESS 716-625-9211 EXT 112 [email protected]
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