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Need help with florists

I love, love, love flowers and want them to be perfect for our wedding. However, there are so many florists in the albany/schenectady/saratoga area that I don't know where to begin! I would appreciate any feedback regarding experiences with capital region florists that you might be able to provide. Specifically..has anyone worked with Felthousen's, Surroundings, Anthology Studio or Experience Design (in Schenectady)??

Re: Need help with florists

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    I don't know about the places you mentioned, but I worked with Meme's in Corinth and LOVED them!!
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    We used Felthousens and they did an awesome job for a fairly resonable price.  They were the only florist I went to that really captured my vision and ran with it.  I also met with Surroundings and Experience Design.  I was not impressed with the creativity of the guy at Surroundings, but I think he was having an off day.  The prices were astronomical and we laughed our way out of the door.  Experience Design is a tad expensive, but they are full service and you will definately get what you pay for them.  They are perfectly willing to have you stop in and browse through their portfolios.  We thought about using them but Felthousen's was less expensive and we were very happy with what they did! HTH! GL!
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    We attempted to use Anthology but the guy didn't get back to us for over 3 months, so we didn't even bother considering.  Great work + poor service = Not doing our wedding. Don't know about the others as we never contacted them.:)Hope that helps!
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    If you are not on a very strict budget go with Experience! Rudy and David are actually my grandparents best friends and they are doing my wedding next month! They do an amazing job and I would pick them over anyone even if they weren't friends of my family!! Let us know who you choose.
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