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Rochester Vendor Reviews

Ok girls I got married October 3rd, and finally have the time to write some vendor reviews!Photography- A++++- Tara Fidanza of IB Photography (www.ibphotosite.com) Tara has been amazing since last year when we first met to do engagement pictures. Her rates are great for the quality she gives. We just got our proofs and I am literally in love with all of them. She truely caputured the feeling of that day, and was so discrete through the whole day. Looking at the pictures, I kept thinking, 'wow I had no idea she was around!' She is so nice, and fun and makes the process great. We laughed non stop for the whole hour and a half of group pics after the ceremony. Everyone loved her, and her work. I will be posting a link to our pictures so you can see her work! She is a must have!Hair/Makeup- A++- Tiffany Loveless of Euphoria Salon in Eastview mall. Tiffany is amazing and did an incredible job. She got to the house early, and was ready to go! She listened to what we were looking for and even helped out my sister who had gone to another 'elite' salon in Rochester that wasted 2 hours of her time for a horrible updo. Tiffany made the time to fix it. Cant say enough great things about her!Limo- A+++- Nicoles Limo. Ralph is the owner and he was great to deal with on the phone. He allowed us to see the limo, and had amazing rates. The driver was outstanding. Tony was early for arrival, and was our knight in shining armour! He held flowers, dresses, and hands. He stood with me while I was waiting to go into the church and kept me calm, and even straightened out my train for me when it was time to walk down the aisle with my dad. Everyone was inpressed by their service, and the quality. The limo was great!Reception- A++- Webster Golf Club- Our coordinator for the day of was Meg. She was completely on point. We had dropped off the decorations and everything early in the week, and werent able to show her what it was going to look like. I emailed her in hopes she would see it before the big day about how we wanted it, and she did it all perfect! People raved about the appetizers (I didnt have time to enjoy them!) and the food was amazing!! Decorations offered by the golf club were also beautiful. They even sent a server out to us when we were finishing pics on the golf club with champagne!Chair Covers- A++- Western NY Chair Covers- easy to communicate with good pricing, and no worries! Their price included set up and take down. Even with just a hour turn over time, they were able to get it all done. It was beautiful and just what I was looking for!Cake- A++- Gruttadarias Bakery- the cake was included in the package we picked with the golf club, so I was afraid they might skimp on the quality for what ever reason. They didnt it was delish! Wedding cake is one of my favorites things, and it was just right. Sweet, moist, and beautiful! DJ- Whirlin Disc DJs- B+- They were a good price and with DJs it was hard to know if they would be any good without having had seen them before. A friend reccomended them and I trusted her, so I went with it. They were great at first, contacting me and following up. They sent a form to be filled out for details, and then stated they would follow up with us 7-10 days before for final details and if we wanted to meet. We never got a confirmation that they received the detail sheet, on which some things we couldnt fill in yet cuz we werent sure on some things. I finally, 3 days before the wedding had to contact them, and the guy acted like it was no big deal. Maybe it wasnt, but 3 days before my wedding I shouldnt have to hunt you down to finalize details. At the reception our dj was TJ he was nice enough. He reviewed the details and pronuciations with me before he started. Literally like 30 min later, he forgets that we had a blessing and tells everyone ok lets eat. My mom had to go all the way up to the dj area and have him announce the blessing, then says the Priests name wrong (it wasnt a hard name and it was right on the sheet in front of him!). Overall they did fine, it was just unnecessary stress that made me mad. Invites- A+++- Fellow upstate knottie Glenlakelove made my invitations for me, which came out perfect. I loved the details and hard work she put in and she was amazing with communication. Definately use her skills!! **I think thats all I can think of! If I remember or think of more I will add!**
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Re: Rochester Vendor Reviews

  • RonCourtRonCourt member
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    Tracy I am so glad to hear that everything was perfect for your day!!! I can't wait to see pictures :)
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    So glad everything went well for you! I am getting married next October 2 -- we were almost date twins! I am currently working on starting to interview DJ's/DJ services, and Whirlin Disc DJ's was one of the names I have been considering.  It is really important to me to meet with the DJ before hand to get a feel for their personality.  Was that an option offered to you, or did they just take your info and assign a DJ to show up for your reception?  Also, despite the issues with the introductions and names, did he play good music, read the crowd well and keep people on the dance floor? 
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    they didnt seem big on wanting to meet. I am sure if I asked they would have set up a time, but it wasnt brought up from them really. He played good music, and there were a bunch of us on the dance floor, but im pretty sure we would have been out there anyways haha. my mom mentioned she wished he had played more slow songs or something for the older people to enjoy, even just one or 2 oldies. he did mostly all new top 40s pop stuff. ****one review I forgot: florist- kittelberger florist in webster- A+ they did my bouquet beautifully. the only thing I was slightly dissapointed in was my girls flowers. I had really not wanted any yellow, and when I finalized things I guess I should have stressed it more then saying 'i really would like minimal yellow'. the girls bouquets were on the small side, and had big yellow dhalias in them. it wasnt a big deal, and they still looked great, just not what I had visioned in my head, and not what matched the pic i had given them. they were great to deal with though, even when I had a list minute change like a day and half before the wedding. I couldnt have asked for more from them and highly recommend them!
    *~ Tracy & John October 3rd 2009 ~* Bio image
  • xtina1221xtina1221 member
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    I went to a wedding with Whirlin' Disc DJ where Jeff was the DJ, he is the owner and so far has been amazing to deal with. Unfortunately he is booked for our wedding and we tried to get him a year in advance.. But he recommended another DJ with in his company.. and our venue stated they have him there all the time and raved about him... so I took their word.
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