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boldt castle vs singer castle

IS anyone getting married or have attended a wedding at either castle in the 1000 islands? Any opinions of either, which one is a better venue (in any way)?   Thanks!

Re: boldt castle vs singer castle

  • sherbear1322sherbear1322 member
    edited December 2011
    I can only comment on the differences that they told me when I contacted them about using them as venues.  Boldt Castle is quite strict on time limits, decorations, and even where pictures can/can not be taken.  I've been told by people who have gone to weddings there that you may see another wedding party waiting to start their ceremony in the busy season.  That being said, the view can't be beat or be any more romantic!!  Singer Island, the guy, I forget his name, was very helpful.  The only downside is that the boats too and from are less frequent, and may need boats chartered depending on times.  I hope this helps!  Where are you thinking of having your reception?  My wedding is in July on Wellesley Island!
  • WNYfanWNYfan member
    edited December 2011
    I've heard the same about Boldt. We're going to a wedding on Singer in September, and they had originally looked at Boldt but went with Singer for the flexibility. However, one of their concerns is where to have the boats dock from (on the "mainland").
  • JaimieLeeJaimieLee member
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    edited December 2011
    Sorry to butt in, but I got married at Singer Castle last year and it was amazing!!  We had the whole island to ourselves.  They even give your guests a guided tour after the ceremony - which is a perfect time for you to take your pictures.  The big issue is that you need to charter a boat to get your guests over to the island.  We had 150 guests, so the only boat we could take would be one of Uncle Sam's boats - costing 4K.  But it was worth every penny.  We had a tour guide on the way out for our guests and had our cocktail hour on the way back (it takes about an hour to get there from Alex Bay.  I highly, highly recommend Singer Castle.
  • edited December 2011
    jaimielee - Were you able to take pictures inside the castle as well? Did you have your reception on the island?
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    Hey there im new here and saw your thread . and i myself will be getting married in 2011 at boldt castle . its beautiful and romantic and highly recommended . we were touring there this fall and there were 2 weddings there that same day .very beautiful . and thats where i got engaged this yea r :) infront of the water fountain which would be a nice wedding portrait background . know im trying to figure out where and when to have the reception . i think we might do the tour cocktail and then country club there .im just waiting for them to contact me back to find out prices. well hope you figure it out take care
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