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Silver Bay weddings?

I came across Silver Bay while searching for Lake George wedding venues. Does anyone have experience working with them? We dont have a large budget. Ideally I would like to get a limited open bar, appetizer spread (veggies and cheese boards), salad, choice of entrees and wedding cake for $50-$55 per person (including tax & grat). We only expect about 75 people and are are shooting for a Saturday in October 2010. If we choose to go with Silver Bay we would want to have the ceremony on site, but not in the chapel (as we are not religious). What would your suggestion for ceremony site be? I noticed on the website that they have numerous event spaces. Which did you use? Which would you suggest? Please share with me what your wedding was like and if you dont mind, how much you spent. Thanks!!

Re: Silver Bay weddings?

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    I know there are a couple girls who either have had their weddings there, or are planning on it. One of those girls , at least, is planning for an october 2010 wedding. at one point i was considering a wedding there, too, and when i contacted them they confirmed that at least 10/9/10 and 10/16/10 were already booked, and I think I actually know of a third person getting married there on 10/30. So, if you are really interested I bet it would be a good idea to phone them and see if they are available for when you are thinking! Then you can proceed to think about costs and if it is in your range. Im sure the girls who got married/are planning to get married here would be happy to help! good luck!
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    We got married there last month and loved it. If you do alcohol, you have to supply and it can only be wine and beer. You pay a per hour fee for them to serve it. You can see some of their meal options in their catering menu on their site. Sometimes they have two weddings on a Saturday but I'm not sure what their limitations would be. As pp said, you should try calling right away. They do not do cake so you would do that separately. For ceremony site, we got married in the chapel which is absolutely beautiful. They have sites outside but I'm not sure of their other inside options. We had our reception in Gullen but if you are having a smaller wedding, I would inquire about the boathouse. We had our RD there and it was lovely. GL!
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    I am one of the girls Lynnie was talking about-I am getting married there on 10/03/10. When I booked, they told me there are no Saturdays available in October of 2010, and there were only two Saturdays available in November. Their basic meal package is around $45 per person, not including tax and gratuity, You bring in your own beer, wine and champagne (no liquor). We were told we will have to pay $1.50 per person (including children) per hour for each hour that we serve alcohol. There is the option of barbecue for a lower cost, but FI wouldn't go for it. We are using the chapel for our ceremony, and the Gullen Lounge for our reception. There is the Boathouse, which is a very rustic space. I know they can seat 75 there, but I think that is with no dance floor. It is right on the water and has a fireplace. They couldn't give us the space for a rehearsal dinner on any day of the week before our wedding, so they may be booked pretty much throughout October, but it doesn't hurt to ask. I don't know if they charge the $400 fee for the rental of that space as they do for the chapel and the Gullen Lounge. As I am reading back over this, I realize it doesn't sound very encouraging. I'm sorry! I suggest giving them a call and seeing what they can do. If you are flexible, ask about Fridays and Sundays. They didn't volunteer the fact that I could have Sunday 10/03, I had to ask. Good luck!
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    HI There.
    FIrst of all, I'm excited that you are considering Silver Bay. I just recently got engaged in Lake Placid and on our way back home to Utica we decided to stop by Silver Bay to inquire about wedding dates, as they fill up fast. Yesterday we just booked 11/6/10 for our wedding at SB, as that was the only choice they gave me for 2010 for weekends, but they also entertained Sunday dates if you inquire.I personally fell in love with the boathouse (but it can only seat 68 MAX with a dance floor) although Gullan is more traditional but still Adirondacky feeling. If we can keep our wedding at 68 ppl I would love the boathouse, but I have a feeling the guestlist will be greater. So you could have your ceremony in the boathouse (seats 80 without a dance floor) and in Gullan for your reception. Beautiful! Another place (if you can't book SB) that we checked out in person was called Canoe Island Lodge on Lake George, which is about the same price range and more intimate. That was our second choice and it is closer to the villiage of Lake George so it's easier for OOT guests flying into the Albany airport (60 min vs 90 min). I know as of 2 weeks ago they had Oct dates still available. Joe (from CIL) was very helpful when we visited. Keep us updated on what you decide!

    On another note, iamjoesgurl was a FANTASTIC resource for me when looking into  venues at SB...fabulous wedding photos and website!

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    Thanks!  Laughing
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    I'm the October 30th girl.  I'm hoping for an outdoor ceremony, too, and don't want to be married in the chapel... BUT... it will likely be too cold for me to have the ceremony outdoors.  So chapel here we come. :D

    The boat house looks beautiful online, butfrom the pictures my FI took in person... it looked pretty dumpy. :/  He said it looked dumpy too. :/ That's rude of me to say, though.  I'm sure it was just that day, though, and it usually looks a lot better. :)

    Anyway.. my question--Silver Bay ladies--I need a florist suggestion.  Someone suggested one to me already, but I forgot who.  Suggestions please?  :D
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