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How to work with hotels for block of rooms?

Hi! Need your help, ladies! I'm planning my Saratoga Springs wedding for October 8, 2010 which is Columbus Day weekend so I'm expecting a lot of out-of-towners. I want to block several rooms in different hotels in the area for my guests but don't know how to go about it. Is it too early to do this - or too late? What questions or info do I need? Do they require some kind of a deposit? How many hotels should I contact?

Thanks for your help!!

Re: How to work with hotels for block of rooms?

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    My wedding is the weekend before and I've already started making the phone calls. I've called almost all the hotels and I don't think any have asked for a deposit. I haven't made my decision on which I'm going to choose yet but I think I'm going to pick 2 different ones. I would def call ASAP because some I called were already totally booked up.
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    By the wedding is in Saratoga too.
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    ive booked blocks at plenty of hotels in the past for various things. 

    this is a service they provide, and no hotel should charge YOU anything. the way it works is that you call the hotel, speak to the group sales person, and just ask to book a block of rooms. some hotels have a limit for the size of the block (maybe 20 rooms or 30) but most of the time the 21st caller gets the same discounted rate as the 20th. i would just get this in writing. then they hold the block at your discounted rate until some time (usually 4-6 weeks before your event) when your rooms just go back into their pool. so you guests should block early enough to get the discount. 

    thats the whole thing. its easy to do. a hotel for our wedding even has a webpage that is unique to US for guests to book through. when they go there they see a bunch of pictures of us, and it says "lynnie and andy's wedding" or something like that. 

    as an aside, i would choose maybe 2 hotels for a wedding, probably not more. try to make them different pricepoints so that there are pros and cons for each.
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    Thanks for the advice! I live in Connecticut so definitely have to make those phone calls already.
    Thanks again!
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