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Adult flower girl

There are no little girls in my or my fiance's family or group of friends. My grandma jokingly said "I'll be your flower girl" and I actually really liked the idea of her being in the ceremony, so we decided to actually do it. She said that she's honored and seems really excited to have a part.

The only thing is, I'm not sure what to have her do. Obviously I don't want her wearing some poofy dress and dropping petals, so I need to come up with something else.

I was thinking about having the people at the end of the row by the aisle hold out a flower to her, and she will collect them and put them into a vase at the front. Then we can do a flower exchange (rather than a unity candle since we'll be outside), and we can each take a flower from the vase and give it to each other's mothers.

What do you think - good idea? Have any better ideas?
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Re: Adult flower girl

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    I am thinking about having my 24 year old cousin be the "lady of flowers." Everyone I mention it to says "That would be really funny." I am not really going for funny, but I want her to be included, but not as a bridemaids. I stuck with just my sisters and friends as the bridesmaids since I have like 15 girl cousins. I'm not sure if it's a goofy idea or just work out.
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    We're actually doing something very similar (OK -- I admit. I totally swiped this idea from you!). My grandmother is going to be our Flower Matron. She's going to carry a few stems and place one in a special bud vase at the end of every other aisle (our florist is taking care of this for us).

    I really liked the idea of having her end w/ one stem and put it into my boquet when I got there, but the florist said we wouldn't be able to do that since my boquet will be wrapped. He suggested just holding the stem w/ my boquet.

    We haven't worked out all the logistics yet, but this is definately going to go well with the vintage-y funk kind of vibe we're going for. Laughing
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