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I'm going to be a bride for the second time ! I was married for 12 years no children in first marriage ! I was 18 and we just went to the jp and got married cause my family forbide the marriage! But I have meet this wonderful man and we have been together for almost 3 years now we have a wonderful 11 1\2 month old and its his first marriage ever and his family is helping with the wedding but I feel wierd cause they want me to have a wedding like its the first time I ever been married they think cause I didn't ever have one that I deserve the things I missed out on they are very wonderful people! But don't know if its right!

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  • Don't ever believe that you don't deserve nice things! If you want the beautiful, glamorous wedding then go for it! If you don't you could go with a simple,"thank you but we are planning something smaller. We will let you know about our plans soon but thank you so much for all your help."

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  • I just had my second wedding. My fiance never been married, and i have a son from my first marriage. We didn't want a big affair, and we are not into the lovie-dovie stuff, but something my fiancé said after his brother's wedding made me think. He was standing with his brother at the altar and imagining me walking down the isle. That's when I thought I should kick it up a knotch. I am glad I did. We had a small high end wedding. And yes, everyone kept telling me I need to do this and that, but it's up to you to make a decision. It's what you want! Hope it helps.
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