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Wedding venue search- need advice!

Hi everyone,
I've been on the wedding venue hunt for the past two months and am starting to get discouraged. The fiancé and I are based in NYC, but we're looking to get married next year in Western Mass./Upstate NY/Southern VT area where he's from. We're also looking at the Finger Lakes, as my family is from Syracuse area and my mom is pushing hard for that area.

We've been looking at places in Lenox, Lee, Pittsfield, and Holyoke MA, as well as some places in NY like Schenectady, Saratoga and Cambridge and Manchester and Bennington VT. So far we haven't found a single thing that fits our needs and budgets and we've looked at all of the usual suspects mentioned on these boards (Log Cabin/Delaney, Berkshire Hill Country Club, Bucksteep Manor, Look Park, Crissey Farm, The Kemble Inn, The Inn at Manchester, etc.).

We want someplace where we can get married outdoors and have the reception either in a tent outdoors or inside in a room with lots of windows. We're looking at a guest list of about 125-175 people right now and we have a grand total of $12,000 TOTAL (so for food, drinks, DJ, flowers, venue, etc.) to spend. I'm looking at Belhurst castle right now, but I still don't have specifics on their packages so I don't even know if they fit our budget. That's the only place I've found in all of my searching that looked like it might be mildly feasible, and even that might be a stretch.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me of places in any of the regions listed above that aren't frequently mentioned on these boards that might be able to accomodate the wedding I'm dreaming of? I need more places and not being from the area, have no clue what I'm doing or where to even start looking.

Any help anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated. Starting to get really discouraged and frustrated, when all I really want to do is just enjoy the engagement. Help!

Re: Wedding venue search- need advice!

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    In Manchester the Equinox is a great place - Beautiful location. I believe the Hildene in Manchester also hosts and caters weddings.

    Cambridge has the Cambridge Hotel which is very pretty.

    Longfellows in Saratoga has a great backdrop and setting for a wedding. There is also the Saratoga Inn.

    Lake George also has a few options that are nice.

    You will have to do a lot of research to get in that price range. You did the Great Escape Lodge for $8,000 and Rainers Gourment in Kingsbury NY quoted us roughly the same. For outdoors and that many people I would recommend Rainer's Gourmet. They do a really nice job with events.

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    Thank you for all the great recommendations! I have a feeling a few of these are out of our budget, but nice to have somewhere else to look at least. Thanks again!
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    I have been to several events catered by Ranier's, and always walked away thinking i could have gotten better food at McDonalds.  

    Another location would be the Lodge on Echo Lake.  It's just north of Lake George, and they have outdoor locations, and a beautiful ballroom with lots of windows.  I don't know their exact pricing, but you might be able to swing it.
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    Hi iam getting married at Mallozzi's in schenectady they are a little pricey but they will work with you iam getting married on a sunday which drops the price down. I really didnt want to get married on a sunday but I chose labor day weekend cause everyone has monday off so not a big deal. Iam doing my own centerpieces which are very nice and stuff like thatto stay right around where you are.I you were coming to this area I could probably give you some places to contact as far as photographer dj etc.
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    The Altamont Manor is breathtaking and very affordable.  The ceremony and coctail hour are outside and the reception is inside (but I think they do tents too) in a room with a really pretty view.  Because you hire your own caterer, you can make it very affordable without looking cheap.  The gardens where people get married are so so pretty.  Cocktail hour is outside if weather is nice or on beautifull wrap around porches if there is rain.  And, the people who run the Altatont Manor (Harvey & his wife) do photography and will include it if you want them to.  My feonsee and I decided to go with the ballroom style instead otherwise this would have been our first pick.  I highly reccommend!!  Good luck! 
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    I am getting married at Belhurst and my budget is !0,000 dollars (and I am trying really hard to come in at less than that).  If you get married on a Saturday, Belhurst is not for you in terms of budget, but you could probably work it out any other day.  Other places to consider:  Steamboat landing in Canandaigua, Bristol Harbour on Canandaigua Lake, Esperanza Mansion on Keuka Lake (might be too pricey), also on the Lake is Keuka College which is very beautiful and affordable and does many weddings.  All of these are in the finger lakes.  Another thought is Heron Hill Winery on Keuka Lake or Venetosa Vineyards on Seneca.  Good luck in your search!
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    A friend of mine was married at Bayshore Grove on Lake Ontario in Oswego, NY. It was beautiful, and she said it was affordable, but did not give an exact price. Definately might be worth checking out their website and/or contacting them to ask!

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