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Small Venue?

I have a friend getting married in October and I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for me. The wedding will be small, under 50 people. I am looking for a venue in the Rochester area.

Any suggestions??

Re: Small Venue?

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    Bakes where are you from? I think I asked you before on the NEY board, but I don't remember.

    I grew up in Fairport. Now live in Boston.

    What kind of style? Venues I checked out that would be good for a small group: The Max at Eastman Place Centrum, The Rabbit Room, Inn on Broadway
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    I am from Fairport too! My secretary's son is getting married in October. I told her I would check on here to see if anyone had any suggestions. I am not sure about the style but I know they will be on a very tight budget. I will give her those ideas and see what she thinks.

    Thanks so much!

    BTW, this board is SO slow...
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