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Wedding is about 2 years away!!! Tips???

My wedding is about 2 years away.  However, I am DYING to start dress shopping.  I have the money but I want to lose 40-50 pounds.  Should I lose the weight first or start looking and hope the seamstress can work miracles.

Re: Wedding is about 2 years away!!! Tips???

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    I would wait a little while until you get close to your goal weight.  As exciting as dress shopping is what looks great on you now may not look the same way once you get to your goal weight. 
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    I also think you might want to wait a little while.  Not only for the weight loss, but also because wedding dress style are undoubtedly going to change.  Who knows what might be coming out later this year that you might fall in love with.  I started looking about a year and a half before my wedding, but haven't gotten serious until now (a year out).
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    i would wait until 9 months before, that is when they say you should order your dress! I ordered my dress 9 months before, but i was losing weight, so i ordered it 2 sizes smaller than i measured. I lost 25 lbs and now i have to have the dress taken in, even after ordering it small!!!

    however i wouldnt recommend ordered your dress a size small, just it majorly stressed me out haha
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    Thank you
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    Do what makes YOU happy....I already have my dress...and reception dress...all of my venders....and my wedding is exactly a year to the day away.  Have fun!!!
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