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I'm looking for a photographer for my wedding in Lake George this September. I was hoping to stay under $2000 (even closer to $1500) but am not seeming to have any luck? Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!!


  • Contact Brandon Segal. His website is He is doing my wedding in Troy in July and his prices are incredibly reasonable.

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  • Dramaqueen has me beat in terms of price, but if you end up needing another option, try Tim Greer ( While a bit pricier, he's still under 2k and has a great personality that makes him very easy to work with.
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  • I am new to this site, so not sure if we are doing this right.. We too are using Brandon Segal (SegalPhoto&Design).  Out wedding is not untill 2013, but We booked him far out.  He has done portraits of my Fiance's son for years, and is a great guy and great photographer! (and his prices are hard to beat!)  Definitely would recomend Brandon to anyone! 

    his Website is
  • We used Gardner Photography and love our pictures. They are husband and wife team, recently married too! And they both have a lot of experience. Jay also works for a tv station as a phptographer, and i love catching him on different stations. Our package was $2,500, but I know they have a lower one too. Their website is
  • Michelle Rose! I think her packages start at about 1000 and she is great! She did some other work for us and she has done many of my friends weddings. She also helped us a lot with the price by customizing a package for us.
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