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A local Contest

I just wanted you ladies to know about a contest I am having. 

Something fun during all the winter planning!

You can win a free boudoir or engagement session:


Re: A local Contest

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    You do realize there are several grammatical errors on that blog post, right?
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    aw well i don't live close enough, but that's a nice thing to do  =]

    i don't think perfect grammar matters on these boards at all.. & sometimes people do things out of preference [i.e. i rarely use capitals 'cause i don't like them lol] but on a pro website yeah.. you may want to change it. it wasn't that bad though. the only thing worth really fixing is the spelling on interesting. hth!
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    If you follow my blog, you would roll around laughing. I am the worst! But I do everything so quickly in order to fit it all in! 

    (and I was a 2nd grade teacher! Now that is scary! Good thing I changed professions....)

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