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Most affordable reception sites near Albany, NY

Hello all!  Due to unforseen circumstances, my fiance and I have changed our plans from having a somewhat fancy ceremony and reception to something small and much more affordable.  Does anyone know of any nice but still affordable places to hold a reception in or around Albany, NY? 

Re: Most affordable reception sites near Albany, NY

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    Can you give us some more details about what type of place you are looking for?  My first suggestion would be to look into restaurants.  It is amazing the price savings you get over a "wedding reception" location.

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    I would like to have the reception in a nice place that can accommodate up to 50 people but obviously it doesn't have to be extrememly fancy because we are on a budget.  I will be wearing a floor length dress but it isn't extravagent so as long as we can find somewhere nice that has a decent decor at an affordable price, that will work.  I will definitely start looking into restaurants, I also found a community center whose prices aren't too bad but I'd like to get a nice variety before we make a final decision.
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    What is in your range of affordable?

    We are having our reception at Dale Miller which is about $90 per head. If you were only having about 50 people would be less than 6,000. Some say that would be affordable, others say that is outrageous. So you really need to quantify what is affordable to your budget, then we can help suggest more suitable options for your reception.

    But in Albany the pickings are slim on affordable options. You'll be hard pressed to find a nice place at less than $75.
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    Doing a luncheon also can save quite a bit of money.  For instance, 677 Prime (one of my favorites) has a private dining lunch menu with an appetizer, entree and dessert for $24 per person.  That doesn't include alcohol, but people tend to drink less during the day.
  • Ja19m81ieJa19m81ie member
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    You can also look into Michael's Banquet House in Latham. That is where my reception will be next year. Nice place and very affordable. They have a couple of different packages. Our's is the highest package which is $71.50 per person, which includes top shelf open bar, the cake,flower/candle center pieces (they have different options that you can pick from) and champagne or wine for toast. It also includes 4 dinner choices, a meat or veal dish, a chix dish, a fish dish and also a veggie dish. If you go to the website it has pictures of the room and a whole list of pricing and what options you have for food and everything else. You also have to tack on 8% tax and 19% service charge on the overall price as well. But, that's common for any place you go too.
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    Im doing my wedding at Siver Hills Restaurant at the Pine Haven Country Club out in Guildrland.  The prices have gone up since we booked them but they still have very affordable prices.  We are paying 54.99 a person for everything.... I think the package we booked or a comprable one now is about 65pp still not bad.  There banquet info and prices are on their website.  Also The factory in Ballston Spa is very affordable and a really cool wedding location they cater to smaller weddings even mine at 120ish was bigger that would be comfortable there.  It was my first choice and has a 1920s atmosphere with a big old very cool bar.  I believe their prices and menu are on their website as well.
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    We're getting married at Riverstone Manor in Scotia, $65/person for all food and beverages.  4 Hour open bar plus cocktail hour included, and it's beautiful, right on the Mohawk River.
  • splint00splint00 member
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    Check out Midtown Tap and Tea room, close to Albany Med. We're having our rehearsal dinner there and I can't even tell you how happy we've been with them planning it. The owner Nancy is wonderful and extremely willing to work with us and our ideas. The space itself if unbelievable for Albany. I've lived in NYC for the last 10 years and didn't know what to expect planning our wedding in Albany but we were so impressed with the decor and how modern and classy it was. We tasted some of their menu items and am fairly certain it will be better than the dinner at our reception site. This place could have just picked up and moved from Soho to Albany, honestly, we are very impressed with it. It is mostly a tapas menu, however, they are making a ton of apps and larger dishes to accommodate our 50 guests for the rehearsal dinner. Definitely worth checking out  :)
  • Kimberly0402Kimberly0402 member
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    I'm getting married in July 2012 and having a decent size wedding, but my mom is getting married in October 2012 and having a small ceremony and reception at Birch Hill. It's on a Sunday, so it's cheaper.
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