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Something nice near Lake George

Hi all, I need some help:

We're honeymooning in Lake George after our wedding (two weeks away). FI told me recently that he has some nice surprises planned for me for our wedding, so I'd like to plan something nice for him as well. I'm pretty stumped on ideas - everything I want to do is either way too expensive, or he already has it, or I won't be able to get it.

But one idea I have is to plan something nice for when we're in Lake George ... I'm not familiar with the area, so any suggestions on something that'd be a nice treat for him? Maybe dinner at a really good restaurant, or tickets to something in the area? He's really into craft beers, so are there any good breweries in the area or a really rare beer I can get for him up there?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Something nice near Lake George

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    This brewery is a fairly easy drive down the northway...about 20 minutes from Lake George Village. If he is into sports, Glens Falls also has an AHL team affiliated with the Flyers. I hear the fights get pretty entertaining. It's on the same block as the brewery.

    Tourist season hasn't really begun in Lake George yet, so a lot of things will be closed, unfortunately. There is an indoor water park (the Great Escape Lodge) if you are into acting like kids for a day :) If you want to venture down the northway a bit further, Saratoga has a racino for slots and poker and downtown Saratoga is great for window shopping. Bailey's has great coffee drinks and pub-style food with outdoor seating if it's nice out. In warm weather there may be live bands playing in the vicinity. My car doors were frozen shut this morning, though!

    Really nice restaurants are not my thing (I am an Applebees/Panera kinda girl) so I can't help with that, but you will most likely not have to worry about reservations this time of year, so just explore when you get here.

    Congrats on your upcoming wedding. I'm jealous that it's so soon!!
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    The Sagamore is a beautiful hotel in Bolton Landing right on Lake George.  If anything, just make a trip up there to walk the property and get a drink at their bar.  Have a great trip!
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    Glens Falls has to great brew pubs in downtown and both have restaurants and music,  Davidson Brothers has outdoor dining and music outside, Coopers Cave, which also makes homemade icecream and soda as well as beer, has dining and jazz music a few days a week. .  They also have a The wood theatre, with live performances, 1 movie theatre, 1 dinner and a movie spot and a few great restaurants, my favorit e  Bistro Tallulauh, the menu is more unique, Have a great time.
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    As another knottie said above, a lot isn't open in L.G. quite yet. As far as nice restaraunts, the Log Jam is beautiful and has fantastic food. The inside is adirondack themed and very cool. There is also a restaruant at The Georgian hotel, which I think might have a view of the lake from it. You could also check into Fort William Henry, the hotel has a restaraunt in it which I think also has a view outside and is right up the hill from the lake. I'm not sure if the actual fort itself is open, but honestly, I used to work there and I can tell you, it's waaaay overpriced and there's not much in there.

    Good luck!
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