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Syracuse Area Brides, where is your reception?

Helping a friend plan a 180-200 perosn wedding in Syracuse.  Please let me know where your reception is.  Thanks!

Re: Syracuse Area Brides, where is your reception?

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    Our reception (once we sign the contract this weekend) will be at Gilfillan's. It's the old West Hill Country Club and I love it!
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    Lodge @ Turning Stone Casino....gorgeous and I heard the food is good (I don't live there but wedding will be there due to family)
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    Cavalry Club in Manlius.  

    Here are some other places I looked:
    Hotel Syracuse - the space has so much potential but it is completely run down and dirty.  
    LaFayette Hills Country Club:  gorgeous views and have heard great things from friends attending weddings there.
    Justin's Grill - beautiful room and excellent food.  I've been to several weddings there.

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    Fisher Bay Restaurant on Oneida Lake in Bridgeport, NY (about 20 minutes outside of Syracuse). My parents own the restaurant so naturally, we are holding our reception there. The backdrop is beautiful. Gorgeous lakefront property, great food, docking available for guests coming by boat, and although it doesn't really effect me, the pricing is really reasonable. If you're interested let me know and I'll send you some pictures.

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    Syracuse University Sheraton

    Other places we looked:

    Traditions (beautiful room, complete with fireplace!) We have planned our rehearsal dinner here instead (we wanted Dinosaur BBQ for our rehearsal dinner but it was snatched up two days after we viewed it, we were only waiting for a check..)
    Justin's Grill (nice atmosphere, delicious food)
    DoubleTree (nice room, nice amenities, a wonderful coordinator, delicious food!)
    Genessee Grande (beautiful room, higher cost though and big pillars)
    Hotel Syracuse (wish this place was what it once was, my sister's wedding was absolutely magnificent!)
    LaFayette Hills Country Club (beautiful views, nice room, my cousin had her reception there I just didn't like the low ceilings)
    The Greystone Castle (you get the entire castle for the day and it is beautiful, but you have to bring caterers, bartenders, etc. it was a lot of work)
    The Belhurst Castle (beautiful outside, kinda random decoration in the ballrooms though, looked at reviews online and decided it wasn't worth the risk...or the drive)
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    we are at the doubletree--seconding barbs post above--food is great, the coordinator is SOOO helpful and the room is out of the normal flow of traffic so we can kind of have a whole wing just to our wedding party.  I recommend them--Shari Drace is who I worked with, my name is Sarah so feel free to use my name!  Because we liked it so much we also just booked the shower there too. 

    I've been to a wedding a traditions which was BEAUTIFUL but we liked having rooms available for our guests. 

    Just a side note, I really wanted to get married at the holiday inn on electronics parkway and loved that they just re-did their grand ballroom but the coordinator there was really hit or miss.  sometimes she got back to me, sometimes she didn't--if she won't get back to me now and didn't have my money, what was she going to do when she HAD my money???

    good luck!
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    My reception & ceremony will be at Pratt's Fall's in Camp Brockway. The park is in Manlius. The lodge holds 180. barb mentioned not wanting to go to other vendors to get catering, bar service, etc. But I like the idea of having the freedom to mix & match. We're having Dinosaur BBQ cater the reception. (The idea has already been VERY well received by my future guests!)
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    Mine is at the Genesee Grande-- Anyone been to reception there?  I've been to Justin's, and thus far it was the best reception I've been to. Room was gorgeous, staff was very polite and efficient.
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