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Advice! Do we have the ceremony and reception 45 min apart driving??

I am going back and forth with this...perhaps someone with experience can help?

I have the option of having our ceremony in a beautiful temple in Rochester and then everyone would drive out to Bristol Harbour near Canandaigua (about 45 min away) for the reception.  The other option is the do everything at Bristol as the scenery is beautiful, however, then it won't be a "religious" atmosphere.  I am not very religious but it would be nice.

Any thoughts if Im crazy to do this or if I should just have it in all in one place...advice??

Re: Advice! Do we have the ceremony and reception 45 min apart driving??

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    We had friends who had their ceremony in Syracuse, and then the reception was at the Turning Stone (about 30 minutes away) and there were no issues... But, some things to think about?
    1. Do you have lots of out of town guests for whom this travel is extraordinarily difficult, confusing, etc. Are you providing a Shuttle Bus?
    2. Drinking and driving. Always an issue... Are you having group hotel rates in Canandaigua for people to stay at?
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    We had our ceremony in Schenectady and the reception in Saratoga.  It was about 45 minutes between places.  We did provide a shuttle bus to the reception and back from the reception to the hotel.  We heard no complaints about the distance and for the beautiful buildings at both the church and the reception hall it was worth it!  So in short, it's a great idea, just provide shuttle busses!
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    I would think if people had to drive they might have an issue with this. If you aren't that religous anyway you may want to think of the convenience of having it all in one place.
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    I agree with ampritch, IMO 45 minutes is too far.  With weekend traffic it could be an hour.  20 minutes tops for driving between ceremony and reception is good.  When you think about it, it's at least 90 minutes round trip which is a long time.  People are going to have to get a hotel near the reception and make the round trip for the ceremony, or the other way around.  

    Since you say you aren't religious, I would suggest doing it all in one place at Bristol Harbor.
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    I'm getting married in Sylvan beach and the reception is in new hartford and thats about 45 mins away. If they feel like its too far well then thats fine but i fell in love with these two places so its there choice if they want to drive or not!
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    It seems too far for me. It will be a 45 minute drive assuming no weather issues or traffic. I would be pretty annoyed but would never say anything to the bride and groom because I'm not a jerk.

    emiliee: it's their, not there. Also, I'll be sure to look for your episode on WE.
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    My reception and church are about 40 min apart down beautiful country roads. It was a difficult decision, but it's actually the church my fiance's parents/grandparents/great grandparents/brother/cousins, etc. all got married in. I'm sorry to add more driving to my guests, but ultimately we have too strong a connection to the church!
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