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I am not sure if I'm in the right group. Planning daughter's wedding there from Illinois/Colorado. Need help! Anyone out there married at the castle, then reception? where? Very small group but want nice-15 people is all!!

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    I am getting mariied at Boldt Castle in Sept.  I'm not sure what you are asking help on.  My reception is at the Riveredge.  The Edgewood is also nice.  The Clipper Restaurant in Clayton is great to.
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    Thank you-so nice to meet someone else having a wedding there. We have reserved the Riveredge also. We only have around 25 people so I hope they have a dining restaurant they can put us in a corner for. It is on a Monday so hopefully they can accomodate. We have not found a photographer yet tho...any ideas. Once again, small group, no wedding "party" to speak of. Let me know if you have any questions also
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    I actually used to work at Riveredge.  They should have no prob accomendating your party especially on a Monday.  When is the wedding?  I am using Crystal Herry Photography out of Syracuse.
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    It's my daughter's wedding Aug 9th...What I can't figure out on THEKNOT is what area Alexandria Bay is in -is that upstate? capital area? Can't seem to find a guide to city/state...thanks!!

    We have signed with Heath Photog...I'll check out yours tho.

    We are looking for a florist who can deliver the boquet to Riveredge along with just a few more flowers for groom/maid of honor, best man...etc.

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    I'm planning a 2012 wedding at Boldt Castle and the Riveredge, I'm feeling overwhelmed because I live about 6 hours away so "shopping around" is not exactly easy. I would love input as to what worked and didn't work for you both, as well as what florists, photographers etc you used. Thank you!
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