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Bakery experience - Capitol District - ADVICE PLEASE!!!

So I called bakery A and made an appointement with them giving them only a few hours notice. They were well prepared for us and had some delicious options (although they did limit us to 4 options). We selected a flavor, design, colors, and had a price on the spot (after some calculation). They were a bit pricier espcially when we considered delivery but figured they were close enough that we might be able to delegate the responsiblity of picking them up.

FI called bakery B and made an appointment with them with at least a week notice and told them we especially wanted to try an almond flavored cake (we both agreed on this with bakery A). Despite the fair notice, they did not have the flavor we wanted to try and it took them several weeks to have that option ready. The cake lady barely covered price and what we wanted in terms of design durring our first meeting and when I called them back to pick the samples up to try, the cake lady gave me a ball park price and said she would ask the owners to be sure about the delivery fee she also implied that we wanted flowers on the cupcakes when I had clearly stated that we didn't at our first meeting, only a flower design on our top tier. When I picked up the samples, she had written "Corrine" on the box, not my name, "Courtney" I did call on a cell but seriously? She never re-confirmed my name and everything so far has been in FI's name (for this location). FI called them more than a week later to discuss why we hadn't gotten back to us and the cake lady said "I didn't realize you needed a price" Yeah, we defenatly did.

FI liked the frosting at B better than A but I told him last night that every time one of us communicates to them, I get left with a bad taste in my mouth and I'm nearly at my breaking point. I told him I was planning on calling bakery B on Tuesday (when they are next open) and if they don't have a price ready, telling them never mind, their unprofessionalism speaks louder then the taste of their cakes and telling them never mind and going with bakery A.
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Re: Bakery experience - Capitol District - ADVICE PLEASE!!!

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    Could you possibly look into other options?  Maybe some of the ladies on this board could give you recommendations?  We really wanted to go with a bakery in Albany for our wedding in the Lake George area but their delivery fee was $200!  There were other things about the bakery that I didn't like, but they had the best cake and filling flavors so we were sad not to get it there.  But it seems like there has to be someone out there that would meet all of your requirements.
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    You want the least amount of stress possible leading up to your wedding day.  Do not go with a vendor that gives you a slightly lower price and better tasting frosting but more stress.  If the cupcakes from Bakery taste good why bother with anything else?  Good Luck and take deep breaths!
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    We just booked tonight with Lisa from Gourmet Confections. She lives in North Greenbush (her commercial bakery is off her home).  She was absolutely AMAZING.  She had about 10 different giant cupcakes for us to try about 10 different fillings and a few different frostings. We sat for an hour and a half mixing and matching a bunch of different kinds.  She then bagged up all the extras and gave us more of the ones we ate most of and wanted to send us home with everything to give it a couple of days and try again.  By the way BEST cake I have ever had.  She told us to just get back to her after we went other places if we wanted to go with her.  She was so fantastic, sweet and her cakes were so good we booked her on the spot!

    Check her out at FI and I said that was easily our easiest and most confident wedding decision thus far.
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    I say definitely Bakery A.... they are more expensive but the peace of mind is there and that's what you really want to have on your big day.  You don't want to be biting your fingernails off worrying that your cake may never show up because Bakery B is so sketchy!
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    I don't know actually.  Cheaper and tastes better is giving me pause.  Have you seen any of their reviews?  Maybe they are a little flakey in the planning stage but deliver a great product on the big day.  But if you're really worried I'd go with A.
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