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New York-Upstate

Rustic/Barn Wedding in Upstate NY

Hi all!  I am recently engaged and very early in the process of planning my wedding!  We're looking at Summer 2013 and would love to do something that begins outside in the afternoon and incorporates a barn setting and/or beautiful scenery. I'm thinking of it as a "fun but exciting and beautiful BBQ".  I've looked at the Pruyn House online - does anyone have any experience with the barn there?  

If anyone has any ideas or experience with any interesting locations, please let me know!  We're still determining our budget but we're trying to keep costs as low as we can and we're open to any and all ideas!  I grew up in the Albany area but moved away for a few years, so any tips are much appreciated!

Re: Rustic/Barn Wedding in Upstate NY

  • Birch Hill Catering has a barn, not sure how much it is though.  Good luck and congrats!


  • check out the barns at nipmoose! Beautiful, www.weddingsinsaratoga.com
  • Thank you for these suggestions!! 
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    I'm getting married at the Pruyn House.  So far, working with them has been great
  • The barns of Nipmoose are just amazing. My photographers did an engagement session there, looked SO beautiful.
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_new-york-upstate_rusticbarn-wedding-in-upstate-ny?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local Wedding BoardsForum:124Discussion:6595df7a-c7be-4c1c-8747-0a0cd4311befPost:382d07cd-9e0c-4659-9759-2976389523dc">Re: Rustic/Barn Wedding in Upstate NY</a>:
    [QUOTE]Birch Hill Catering has a barn, not sure how much it is though.  Good luck and congrats! <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.birchhillcatering.com/stablegate.htm">http://www.birchhillcatering.com/stablegate.htm</a>
    Posted by bella101907[/QUOTE]

    We are looking for the perfect barn too and we looked into them and will most likely be using them for catering (since they do off-site catering as well).

    FYI - their barn is $3,000 to book. Includes nothing but the barn. And FYI - there's not bathrooms near the barn - you'd have to hire portable restrooms or guests would have to travel on a golf cart to use the bathroom.  The inside of the barn is absolutely beautiful, but the outside definitely is not picture worthy.  You'd never know it was a barn because the outside is painted white.

    We're considering the Pruyn House right now - that's been our fave so far.  But I didn't know about nipmoose barns, so we'll be checking those out now.

    Another place that has a barn is The Mansion of Saratoga.  It's a little barn, so I wouldn't recommend if you are having a bigger wedding as it might not hold everyone.  We looked into them and they are very eager to work with your budget.

    DTA:  Just called nipmoose.  They charge $810 per hour for weddings. Out of our price range - back to the Pruyn House for us!
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    We are going with The Pruyn House, too!! I loved the grounds and it's in our price range and near lodging.  Most of our relatives will be traveling, so it's a win-win!
  • We have 8 family weddings, most of which are local to the Albany area. My cousin is getting married in June 2013 at Pat's Barn in Troy. It's really cute and totally rustic feel. You'll need to hire a caterer for the location though. I'm not sure on pricing and whatnot, but it's really a beautiful place. Good Luck and congrats!!
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  • I second the Barns of Nipmoose. Wish I had my own wedding there now!

    Here is a review of them: http://bit.ly/JUggHb
  • I am having my wedding at Pat's Barn in Troy, NY.  I love everything about the venue. It is 2 floors. 2nd floor is very open and over looks the first floor. A lot of windows so you can see the trees outside. Has bathrooms and is climate controlled. It is a flat fee to rent for the day ($2500) and then you bring in your own caterer which i really like that option because you can control the costs that way. Definetely worth checking out, we fell in love as soon as we saw it!

  • Settles Hill Banquets
    1123 Settles Hill Road
    Altamont, NY 12209

    Altamont Manor
    State Route 156, Altamont, NY 12009
  • we are getting married at Full Moon Resort in Big Indian NY.www.fullmoonresort.com
    They have the  most amazing renovated barn and its beautiful.
    Prices are reasonable and they are amazing!!! Also helps that guests can stay on the property in cabins or in the inn.

    We loved it.
  • Full Moon http://www.fullmoonresort.com/barn-weddings-gallery.html = beutiful area! Lots of nature with a creek, large grounds, on site lodging. The barn has been expanded and doesn't look a whole lot like a traditional barn but they have really good food and are very easy to work with!

    Olde Tater Barn http://www.theoldetaterbarn.com/ = great barn, beautiful new floor, he even said he was going to renovate it a little to have a better outdoor space for people to be during the reception. You can get married on the grounds around the barn which are pretty and he can even do the cerimony if you would like. They have a nice bar and attached kitchen where they or someone else can do the cooking. John is very easy to work with and really knows his stuff. No lodging on site so you would have to get a bus for your guests.

    MKJ Farms https://www.facebook.com/mkjfarm = their website is not helpful but the barn is great!! He is sort of new to the barn wedding sceen and is willing to work with any idea you have. The barn is HUGE!! and the bar inside is a beautiful piece of woodwork. Cerimonies on site are encoraged but the place to do them is sort of awkwardly on a hill.

    Springdale Farms http://www.springdalefarmbb.com/events.html = we have not been to this one but the website makes it look gorgeous. The reason we have not looked into this further is because they kick you out at 10 or 11 because of noise codes.

    Frog Pond B&B http://www.frogpondbandb.com/ = Gorgeous for a small wedding!!! You can get married by the pond and have the reception in an old carriage barn that has a ton of character!! And there are even a couple rooms on site. It is tucked away a little and a hidden jem!

    The Barn http://www.thebarnparty.com/ = This barn is great! Absolutely beautiful inside! It has very well manicured landscaping, it is rustic, well kept, and even smells great! :-D. As others have said, it is very clost to the road and the owner is difficult to get ahold of.

    The Red Barn http://www.margaretville.net/catskills-attractions/attractions-listing_.php?id=183 = closed

    Stone Tavern http://www.stonetavernfarm.com/WEDDINGS.html = GREAT PLACE! Was our number one choice until we realized that we could not afford it. They do a full weekend weddings there and you get the run of the place. Barn, gazeebo, pond, horses, ATVs, fire pits, paintball if you want! And they have a beautiful site on a hill that overlooks the catskills for your cerimony!

    And here are some links that we have not actually been to or talked to:











    I really hope this helps SOMEONE! Because I know I have been doing a lot of research just for me.

  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_new-york-upstate_rusticbarn-wedding-in-upstate-ny?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local Wedding BoardsForum:124Discussion:6595df7a-c7be-4c1c-8747-0a0cd4311befPost:d98729d2-738b-4309-88ca-049f49067c52">Rustic/Barn Wedding in Upstate NY</a>:
    [QUOTE]Hi all!  I am recently engaged and very early in the process of planning my wedding!  We're looking at Summer 2013 and would love to do something that begins outside in the afternoon and incorporates a barn setting and/or beautiful scenery. I'm thinking of it as a "fun but exciting and beautiful BBQ".  I've looked at the Pruyn House online - does anyone have any experience with the barn there?   If anyone has any ideas or experience with any interesting locations, please let me know!  We're still determining our budget but we're trying to keep costs as low as we can and we're open to any and all ideas!  I grew up in the Albany area but moved away for a few years, so any tips are much appreciated!
    Posted by lsmcg[/QUOTE]

    Hi, I have an1890's style barn and farm about 30 mi. SE of Syracuse that has been in my family since the early 1900's.  We have hosted family reunions and weddings here for the past 15 years and are just now opening it up to outside weddings.  I realize that you may well have already locked in a venue but if not, you can go to our just-created website barnesbarn.net, or call me at (315) 941-5875.  Thanks, Mike Barnes
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    I hope that this list helps someone as I have done a lot of research for my own wedding. This is a list of barns all up and down NY with varying price ranges. Good luck!

    The Circa 1799 Barn  
    105 Simons Rd.
    Ancromdale, NY 12503
    Contact: Paul Spencer - [email protected]
    -This barn for 2013 was $9,600 to rent, not sure what the price will be next year but it was out of my price range and almost completely booked for 2013 so I do not have too much more information about it

    Tralee Farm
    3050 Route 209
    Stone Ridge, NY 12484
    Contact: Mary McNamara - [email protected]
    - $4,000 to rent the barn and property
    -$2,500 to rent the house located on the property

    Windfall Dutch Barn
    2009-2019 County Highway 80
    Fort Plain, NY 13339
    Contact: Keith MacGregor - [email protected]
    -$500!!!! for use of the property for Fri-Sun of your event
    -The price is definitely right on this barn. I really wanted to take the trip to see it but it was a little too far north to make our guests drive for our wedding so we decided against it but it definitely is a great option for a budget wedding. There are bathrooms in a separate buidling near the barn. The barn has a small little kitchen that you can use as well.

    Roxbury Barn
    667 Country Highway 41
    Roxbury, NY 12414
    Contact: Casper de Boer - [email protected] / 607-326-4874
    -$6,800 for a full day event with set up on the previous day + $10 per person
    - a little pricy but looks absolutely gorgeous and romantic from the pictures.

    Shadow Lawn
    Contact: Dan Giessinger - [email protected] / 845-687-2302
    -$6,000 for use of the property for the full weekend with one full day event
    -There is also a B&B on the property that can be rented for an additional fee

    Contact: Frank Camarda
    [email protected]
    - $3,500 for use of the barn Fri-Sun with a $200 cleaning fee

    Mount Gulian
    145 Sterling St 
    Beacon, NY 12508
    Contact: Kimberly Perkins - [email protected]

    Hera's Farm
    145 Cold Brook Rd.
    Bearsville, NY 12409
    Contact: Hera - [email protected] / 845.679.4439
    -My fiance and I went to go see this property! Gorgeous! And Hera is sooo nice. She charges a very reasonable price for use of her land (under $2,000) and there are so many nice spaces so a ceremony and reception. The barn is also gorgeous but my fiance and I decided against it because we wanted to have the reception in the barn and the way her barn is set up it would be a more user friendly space for dancing with a reception in a tent.
    Old Tater Barn
    138 Tater Barn Road
    Central Bridge, NY 12035
    Contact: Rich Benninger - [email protected] / 702.374.1098

    Pruyn House
    207 Old Niskayuna Rd
    Latham, NY 12110
    Contact: Diane - [email protected]/ 518.783.1435
    -They were booked but I have heard a lot of good things!

    The Mansion Saratoga
    801 New York 29
    Rock City Falls, NY 12863
    Glynwood Farm
    Cold Spring, NY 10516
    Contact: Isabel Lopatin - [email protected] / (845) 265-3338

    Buttermilk Falls Inn
    220 N Rd
    Milton, NY 12547
    Contact: Michael Elbe - [email protected] / (845) 795-1310
    -This is a very modern meets country type of wedding venue. There is a barn on the property that they rent out for events. The barn is $3,000. There are bathrooms inside and that includes all of your tables, chairs, plates, silverware, glasses etc. They have an onsite caterer that you work through with fairly reasonable prices. The barn is very nice, functional space but it is definitely not your old, barn fell. When we walked inside, it had the scent of fresh lumber because of the addition they just added to it. This nice thing about it is that there is a spa and rooms right on the property so you get the barn feel in a more traditional wedding setting. We found that it was not for us but definiely something to look into.

    Stablegate Barn - Birch Hill Catering
    Contact: Mary Sofia - [email protected] / 518.732.4444

    Pat's Barn
    Rensselaer Technology Park
    100 Defreest Drive 
    Troy, NY 12180
    Maplestone Inn
    541 New York 32
    New Paltz, NY 12561
    Contact: Sean Roche - [email protected] / 845.255.6861
    - This place is AMAZING! The B&B is the cutest thing you have ever seen. Sean is so nice and is defeinitely willing to work with you and recoomed caterers and what not in the area. The B&B has three rooms which you rent out for the weekend of your wedding so that you have the whole place to yourself and then there is a separate rental fee for the use of the barn and property for your event. I think with both tings together it was only like $3,500. The barn is really cute, and it is broken up into different spaces which is kind of nice and it has a little porch. Two things that my fiance did not like about the barn itself was that there was a closed off second floor so the ceilings were very low. Also as a very practical matter the floor is concrete. Its not awful but just something to be aware of. FYI There is a bathroom and electricity inside of the barn!

    Contact: Adam Glinert - [email protected]
    -This might be the winner for us. The price for use of the property depends on the size of your group. Adam is very knowledgeable about the area and the business as he has been waist deep in it for many years. We clicked with him right away as soon as we met him. His property is grogeous and set back on a cute little street with lots of barns and a hunting club. The grounds were beautiful and the barn was exactly what my and my fiance were looking for. You do have to bring in bathrooms, and renatls as with most non traditional venues which is just something to be aware of when budgeting!

  • Wolf Oak Acres in Oneida is booking for July 2014 and beyond for weddings/corporate functions/etc.  There are180 acres with waterfalls, streams, creeks, ponds, wooded trails, open fields, landscaped areas, etc The 2 story barn will have handicapped accessible bathrooms, bridal changing suite, men's lounge, catering kitchen, dj booth/band area, bar area, dance space, fireplace, a/c, heat and much more....  please check out www.wolfoakacres.com  or https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wolf-Oak-Acres/101628593300347?ref=hl  for details.  you can use all of your own vendors, and both ceremony and reception can be held here.  Plenty of places to do indoor/outdoor for both or either function.  

  • The people who went with Pat's Barn in Troy, what caterers did you choose to use? My fiance and I are on a budget and we are not sure where to find a decent priced caterer.
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