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Canfield Casino wedding info needed!

I'm planning my wedding and thinking about having it at Canfield Casino in Saratoga but I'm a litle concerned because you have to bring in outside vendors here. Does anyone know from experience if you need a wedding planner to pull this off or is it manageable on your own since many vendors have expierence here? Any info would help!

Re: Canfield Casino wedding info needed!

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    Hey there! I am the Wedding and Event Planner for a catering company in Saratoga Springs, and we work at the Canfield Casino all the time. Our kitchen is actually right next door! It is such a stunning venue, and I urge you to book as soon as you can. Don't be concerned about needing to bring in outside vendors. It is actually a huge plus when you can pick and chose your vendors because you end up with people who understand you and your style. Always makes for beautiful weddings. You don't necessarily need a wedding planner, although I always recommend at least having a "Day Of" Coordinator. Typically that means the planner will take over 2 weeks prior to the wedding, as well as execute the rehearsal, and be there as your assistant on the day of.

    If you have any questions, write back and I will send you my info. We do catering at the Canfield all the time, and we also offer wedding planning packages. The fewer vendors you book, the less stressful it will be for you.

    Good luck!
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    My wedding is there on October of this year. We went with classe catering, they are sooooo much cheaper than mal
  • ** cheaper than malozies or mansion catering. They included all dishes and linens in there price. We got 5 passed hot sources, a pasta station for cocktail hour. A salad and 4 choices of dinner for 49 a person. Soooo affordable. The only negative thing about Canfield is there chairs. They are plastic chairs so you have to rent chairs. Classe catering provides chairs for 8 dollars each but I went with Clifton park rental instead. I couldn't rave about Canfield more, i cannot wait to take pictures in congress park and at the carousel, not to mention they have one of the best bars for a hall (hall of springs being the best). Hope this helps. By the way classe catering comes with a wedding planner for the day and an event planner for 3 months prior to the wedding to decide plates and linen choices
  • This is not totally what you asked, but I thought I'd throw in that Panza's restaurant does catering there and comes highly recommended (and the owner is very nice and easy to work with!).  They're reasonable, too -- usually, you get what you pay for, but if I wasn't already going with an inclusive package at my reception site, I probably would go with Panza's.
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