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Budget Reception Venues? Capital District or Hudson Valley?

Does anyone have any recommendations for venues that are $40-50pp?  I know that is really low, but we are trying to just make this happen somehow!  Any advice/experiences are greatly appreciated!
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Re: Budget Reception Venues? Capital District or Hudson Valley?

  • I'm from Hunter Mountain and recently did the unthinkable- I went to the ski lodge website out of pure curiosity.  I went in thinking it was going to be crazy expensive and wanted to laugh at how insane it would be...  To my surprise, they claim to have packages starting at $39/pp....   It's worth checking out-

    You can also check out nearby Windham Mountain-

    They are both about 45min-1hr southwest of Albany.  Outside of that most venues seem to be 90-100/pp.  I'm trying to plan on a 30-40/pp budget myself (without complete DIY and it is hard!!!
    Good luck  ;)
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  • I have also looked in to hunter mountain.  I worked there for many years.  I do not believe that the 39 price includes any type of beverage and there are other fees involved.

    You should check out The Edison Club.  They start out at 45.95 for their classic package.  This was the cheapest and nicest venue that I checked out.
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  • Thanks for the tips!  We are checking out the Edison on Friday...they seem really nice there and it appears lovely on the website.  I hadn't heard of this place yet so I am really grateful for your response!

    Hunter Mtn: my out of town family would get LOST.  Trying to keep it close to the airport as well...but thank you for the lead, I am going to look into it anyway!
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  • Another recommendation for the Edison Club. We're having our wedding there on 10/14/12, along with an outside ceremony on their terrace. We did A LOT of searching around the capital district and they are BY FAR the most inexpensive. It may not be the most extravagent, but definitely very acommodating and nice!
  • Bartlett...we are getting married at the Edison on 10/11/12!  We aren't risking an outside wedding, just having an indoor ceremony on cite: but bravo for you, I hope you have sunshine and a perfect day!  Have you decided on your food choices yet?  I think the place will be beautiful!
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  • Ahhh!! Mercurybebe its so exciting to find another person getting married at the Edison Club! The place is actually a very well-kept secret for weddings in the area. I know I'm having high hopes for the outdoor ceremony, but the terrace is so beautiful I couldn't let it go. We haven't chosen our food yet, but we're doing the classic package. We're going to set up our tasting within the next month or so...I have heard the food there is excellent, so I can't wait!

    It's funny that we found each other because I actually just had a meeting with the new banquet director there about a week ago (the wonderful woman we signed with has since left for another venue). He was telling me there are 5! weddings the week of ours - one on Friday, two on Saturday, mine on Sunday, and he said someone just signed for Thursday. He must have met with you just days before seeing me!
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