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Clifton Park (Albany) bridal stores?

Hi all-  I'll be visiting family in Clifton Park and would like to do some shopping for my wedding, specifically shoes and headpieces.  Any suggestions of places to visit in the area that carry either bridal shoes or headpieces?? Thanks!!!

Re: Clifton Park (Albany) bridal stores?

  • I live right in the middle of Clifton Park, and the only bridal place I know of is Jocelynn's Bridal - it's on Route 9 just north of the intersection with Route 146. I personally didn't like the store, but you might find something in there that works for you.

    But there are lots more bridal stores in Albany (south) and Saratoga Springs (north).
  • Did you try Yvonne's in latham? They are not far from CP and they are incredible so far wtih me!
  • Go to saratoga and visit Lily Saratoga. Best staff ever, so incredibly nice, it's an amazing experience.
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