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need a photographer for saratoga wedding-not too expensive

Are there any photographers that are less then 4,000 out there???

Re: need a photographer for saratoga wedding-not too expensive

  • I would highly recommend Tim Greer of Camera Famosa. He is reasonably priced, very talented, and a very sweet person!

    This is his website:

    And this is a sample of the engagement shoot he did for FI and I a couple months ago. I couldn't possibly love these pics any more!
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  • Our photographer (Dino Petrocelli) is less than $4000.00.  He did our engagement pictures and did weddings and events for my FI's sisters.
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    We used Jason Gardner and beyond happy with our pictures and album. He was below4,000 and delivered everything so much faster than we expected because he only books 2 weddings a month. We highly recomend him. His website is
  • I just used Brandon Segal. His website just changed but you can fin him on facebook and link to the new website from there. He was great to work with and his prices are unbeatable. Obviously I don't have my photos yet but my e-pics came out great!

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  • I recommended Michelle Rose. she has incredible photos and helped meet our needs and our budget less than 2000 for photographer! She is also so sweet and accommodating.
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  • We're using Beth Pachter with Imagine Photography -- she's awesome to work with and reasonably priced, too. :)
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  • I STRONGLY recommend Meaghan Slottje - Her prices are AWESOME, her pictures are great, and she personally is a total sweetheart and will put up with whatever crazy request you have to make engagement/wedding pictures perfect. 

    (Case and point - I told her a friend of ours was going to dress up like Waldo and hide in the background for some of our silly pictures. She didn't blink and had some other great, funny, super nerdy suggestions for us that I am SO excited for :))
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  • Julia Zave.

    Incredible, INCREDIBLE photographer.  Ridiculously well priced.  She's transitioning from being mostly a concert and event photographer who occasionally does weddings to doing more and more weddings.  

    We did engagement pictures iwth her and out of 430 proofs we got, 250 were frame worthy.  

    She's also a great human being who's both really professional and has the necessary sense of humor.  
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  • Dino Petrocelli is an awesome photographer.  I follow him on facebook.  I also like Matt Ramos Photography but he books quickly.  I like Jean Wheeler Photography too.
  • We're using PJN Photography out of Glens Falls.  They're phenomenal and under $4000.  Absolutely LOVE them!

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    [QUOTE]Are there any photographers that are less then 4,000 out there???
    Posted by nicnac626[/QUOTE]

    You should check out <a href="!" rel="nofollow">!</a> She is absolutely amazing! My friends have used her and their photos were fabulous and there were so many! She always uses two photographers and they were such fun to work with...not pushy and very unobtrusive!
    Good luck!
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