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Transportation Help needed for Lake Luzerne, NY

My fiance and I are getting married in Lake Luzerne, NY next summer.  The church where we're having the ceremony is 0.95 miles from the site of our reception.  It seems silly to rent a limo for such a short drive (plus it wouldn't help our budget), so I've been trying to figure something else out..... bicycles (bicycle built for two?), horse & carriage  (again, seems a bit much for just 1 mile), scooters, bales of hay on a trailer to transport the whole bridal party (will police allow that?)...
I know weather might be an issue with several of those ideas.... my wedding gown might complicate it a little too...
If you have any ideas or know where we could find the things needed for any of the ideas I listed (like a tandem bicycle) please let me know.
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