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WANTED: Alvina Valenta 9960

So I probably should have never tried this dress on since it is out of my budget but I just had to. Well just as I suspected...I completely fell in LOVE with this dress! Now I am on the hunt for it! If you have bought it and plan on selling it after the wedding, or even if you know someone who has it and is thinking about selling it! Let me know PLEASE!! My wedding is in May 2011 so I would obviously need it at least 2 months before. I can do a label size 6 or 8, maybe even a 10 if I have too and would prefer Ivory in color but open to another color.  My measurements are kind of weird 33-24-37 so a bigger size is ok as I can alter the bust and waist no problem. If you want to contact away from the boards feel free to e-mail. [email protected]

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Re: WANTED: Alvina Valenta 9960

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     know there is this site it is chinese and maybe no good but this dress is only 200 bucks there. You could always try that. I think the design is simple enough you could find someone to make it for you for a fraction of the cost. I really like this dress as well and plan on having one made that is similiar.
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    oh and there is always a pre-owned wedding dress

    No one will ever know and you can use the money else wear. You could also find ways to trim your budget to allow for dress! Start extreme couponing or get a waitressing second job. That is good money for just a few hours.
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