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TURNING STONE and chair covers

Hi ladies:  We are having our wedding at Turning Stone (Shenendoah Clubhouse)  and I would really like to get chair covers as the banquet chairs there are not so nice looking.  TS charges $5.50 per chair through their vendor.

Anyone happen to know of anywhere else I can rent/buy chair covers for a cheaper price?   

Many thanks in advance!!!

Re: TURNING STONE and chair covers

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    There is an online vendor that does them pretty cheaply.  I'll see if I can find the name.  Also make sure that your venue will allow outside linens or if they charge to put them on.  My venue charged $5 a chair for their chair covers and $4 a chair to put on someone else's covers.  I'll get back to you on the name.
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    try elizabeth's chair covers--I can't remember the cost but I think they might be comprable in price but she does all the work for it and usually includes the sash for free I think...
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    I'm not sure where you are located but we are getting ours at 0.20 cents a piece. My fiance is a wedding coordinator. They might be out of Buffalo, NY
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    You can also try the Events Company, based out of Syracuse, I dont know whatthe cost is, but I know that they have chair covers available....
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    i just got married at Turning Stone and I got gold Chivari chairs for 5.75 from Hank Parker Rentals in Rochester- just an idea!
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    thanks so much Catbella.  How was the wedding?
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