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I am getting married on November 27, 2010 at the Canfield Casino in Saratoga Springs, NY, and am looking for DJ recommendations!  I really want a great DJ...I plan on dancing all night, and I want my guests to do the same! Any suggestions for a lively DJ who is not overkill/annoying?

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  • Judy35Judy35 member
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    If you want the best of the best contact Paul Malo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The Canfield Casino is a GREAT place for your wedding!!!!!
  • tambam1782tambam1782 member
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    Hey Jess...One of Dave's friends sent me a list of some top Dj's that are worth checking out...
    1) Paul Malo
    2) Mike Garrasi (music man)
    3) Greg Frasier

    have you picked your photographer yet? We are currently looking just to get a jump on 2011 dates...any recommendations?

    hope to talk to you soon...recieved your save the date a couple weeks EXCITED!!

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    Hey Tam!  I am in touch with Mike Garassi currently...I spoke with Keri about him since I remember the music at her wedding being great!  I will check out the other 2 also, thank you!!  I just started looking at photographers...really have no idea of who to go with tough to choose!  Once I start looking more, I will let you know anything I find out.  Hope to see you soon!
  • tambam1782tambam1782 member
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    hey Jess...I think we are pretty set on our photographer... Although other contenders we liked also inclued:

    1) Bailly photography
    2) Alisha Clark
    3) Niki Rossi
    4) Seth Guistimbelli
    5) Tracey Buyce

    I got these ideas from a friend of Dave's who is obsessed with weddings:)

    Good luck!

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    We booked Paul Malo too!

    Photographer is Moak Photography.  We loved our engagement shots!Laughing
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