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Utica, NY, July 23, Hair Help Needed!!!

I have been looking for someone to do hair for myself and my bridesmaids for months. I finally found someone, it was all set, then she realized that she had the date wrong and already had two wedding parties on the 23rd. She wouldn't be able to get us in until 3:00, and the wedding is at 4, so that's a no-go!

If anyone has any recommendations in the Utica area, please let me know!

We are doing 40's/50's vintage styles - pin curls and finger waves. No up-do's.

Bonnet driers are a MUST for these styles, and few places have more than two or three any more. We will spilt up with no problem, I just need to find some place that will take us.

Thanks for any help/advice you can give.

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