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Hairstylist to Come to my house

Hi Everyone :)

I'm trying to find a good hairstylist that could come to my home and do my hair on my wedding sister when she got married she went to the salon with all of us girls and we were late and it was just more stress on us so even if I have pay a little more, i will for someone to come to my house! 

Do all hairdressers from hair salons come to your house or are there only certain people that do that?

Also, I live in Liverpool/North Syracuse area if that helps on who you recommend. Thank you :)

Re: Hairstylist to Come to my house

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    Hi! The hairsylist that did my hair for my wedding came to my hotel, and she also came to a hotel of a friend of mine who got married a month after me... I dont see why she wouldnt come to a house? If you want her info (cell number) or want to see pics, email me at vpshires at gmail dot com
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