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My biggest problem planning my wedding is trying to be different and not stealing other ideas from previous weddings I have attended. I am straongly considering a photo booth (even though it has been done a thousand times) for the favor because I think it appeals to all guests, young and old, and it is a fun distraction. I am aware this may take away from the dance floor but not everyone loves to dance. I have a quote from Saratoga Photobooth but I was curious if anyone knows of any other photobooth rentals in the Albany area or has any bits of advice about it. Thanks!

Re: Photo Booth Wedding Favor Albany area

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    I just got a quote from these folks the other day. I don't know what a "Good price" is but they were pretty quick to respond and it says they serve the albany area.

    I think it's a great idea btw! I just don't think I am going to do it simply based on the expense.
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    I'm doing a photobooth at my wedding in September but Im not going with a traditional "photobooth" like the one Saratoga Photobooth has to offer.  Im going with Holmes Photography.  They set up a backdrop and make instant photomagnets for the guests.  Other places that offer this are Magnetman, FotoMagic, Image Photo & Events, and couple others I cant think of right now.  I went with this option b/c it allows bigger groups to get their picture taken instead of trying to cram people into a photobooth.  Plus people can put the magnets on their fridge and constantly be reminded of the fun they had at our wedding!!
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    I am just chiming in, only because I used Saratoga Photobooth for my wedding this past fall. I was less than pleased with the service to say the least. 

    The photobooth was an ABSOLUTE hit!! It does put out beautiful pics. We collected lots and lots of props and used them for the booth. It was such a hit in fact, that I see that he is now offering props.. kinda makes me mad that he used our idea and now charges for it, but whatever. Thats another Oprah.

    Let me first say that this is run out of a home. He has something like 8 photobooths and he is souly responsible for delivering them. He needs a secretary. He does not return emails or calls. I actually sent my mom to his house because I was that concerned that he wouldnt show up or had gone out of business. I know he is overwhelmed bc he is the only one in the region, but his customer service is HORRIBLE. We did not get the proof for our pics until the week of the wedding. Two months before our wedding, he did not show up for a wedding of one of my mom's co-workers. They saved money for this one big item and he didnt show. He was supposed to be there at 9am and was still unaccounted for at noon. When they did get ahold of him, he was like "well, I have a booth that isnt working. so, you wont be getting one. Oh well. Sorry." and that was that. So of course we panicked again and wrote him to make sure that even if one broke down, we would be guaranteed to get one. He never returned my emails or calls. A month later after saying I would show up at his house again- he emailed me back. 

    Also, it states in the contract that you will get someone to man the booth. Not true. Its only him, so if he has many weddings in one night. He cant be there for all of them. I know someone who used them- the booth broke at the wedding- and they had to call him. He did come and fix it, but it was 45 minutes of total downtime. He did not stay with ours either. Ours started out not working. My planner called and called and he never answered or called her back. She finally left a message that stated "If you dont come and fix this, you will be fishing it out of the lake." He called her RIGHT back of course. It was on  a timer, but he didnt bother to tell anyone that. He stayed at our wedding all night. I think he knew that he would be messing with the wrong person.....

    So just make sure all your T's are crossed and your I's are dotted with this company. He can be an arse because he is the only one around and if you dont take him, someone else will. So honestly, he couldnt care less. 
    Its a damned if you, damned if you dont situation. He was the biggest stress for me...and yet- this booth made our wedding. 

    Good luck!!!
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    Casey, Thank you very much!! I DO NOT deal well with stress. I would have been a psycho on him. I haven't signed the contract yet and now I am wondering if I should do the magnets instead.
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    I used Saratoga Photobooth a few weeks ago for my wedding. Although the owner was difficult to get in contact with, I never had any indication that he would not show up at the wedding. Jeff, the owner, was not able to make it, but did send someone in his place to make sure the photobooth was working properly and to help with the guest book that we ordered. The pictures are already online - and are absolutely hysterical. 
    I would recommend them.  It was a hit!  My friends are still talking about it.   
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    I met the folks who run FotoMagic at a wedding show in Birch Hill. They were very nice and the photo magnets were really great! I like the idea of the backdrop, larger area and all the fun options they offer :)  I'm really thinking about hiring them
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    FotoMagic seems great! I met them at a recent wedding show too! They also have a photobooth company, called Capital Region PhotoBooths. I am planning to use one of two, depending on which my hubby. We really like both, but they have great customer service, and are really nice to deal with. They return phone calls and email quickly too. 
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