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Daytime Bachelorette Party

My brother is getting married. His fiance has made it clear that she does not want to go out and drink for her bachelorette party :/  So we are thinking about doing something during the day. Anyone have any suggestions besides things like shopping and going to the spa?? Anything creative maybe.

Thanks ladies!!


Re: Daytime Bachelorette Party

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    A fancy lunch or dinner out, go see a play, visit some wineries (unless that constitutes drinking her her opinion)
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    Any reason you don't like the spa idea? A friend's Bach party was at a spa and it was a blast! They let us bring snacks and drinks (of all varieties) and we just had a nice relaxing day! I also know a coworker had a spa come to them. They did it all at one of the BM's houses.

    Another idea would be to do some sort of movie/dinner outing. Maybe see a play? Good luck!
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    My bachelorette was an all day event and we went out at night to the bars then stayed in a hotel but during the day we went to a pottery studio and everyone painted something for me.  I picked out 6x6 tiles (they were inexpensive) and I kept them and used them as stepping stones out in the garden.  Everyone had a lot of fun painting and it was nice for me to have a keepsake from everyone.  The pottery place let us bring in wine and cheese and fruit and it was really fun.  Not sure where you are located but we went to a place in Saratoga.

    I know this involves drinking, but a wine tour during the day can be really fun, and if you only sample the wines at a few places and go for a nice lunch at one of the larger wineries the focus doesn't have to be on boozing.

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