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Question for teachers (not wedding related)

Hi ladies!

I'm usually on the NYC board but wanted to find out information on getting a teaching position Upstate. Me and FI currently live in Brooklyn and are considering moving upstate near Goshen/Chester area. I am a special ed teacher and was wondering if any teachers out there can stir me in the right direction on how to go about applying to schools out in Orange County? I currently teach for the DOE but I don't know if there are any other requirements in order to teach Upstate. Also, how is the salary for teachers?


Re: Question for teachers (not wedding related)

  • Well I'm not in Orange County but I can tell you that most of the state, other than NYC, uses OLAS for job postings. The site is You upload everything on there and then can look for and apply for jobs. As for requirements, As long as you have a NYS certification you should be fine. I know you have to do extra to teach in NYC but I think your base is still  regular certification. Did you take the LAST, ATS-W and a content test (well thats for secondary but still)? If so you should be good. I can't speak to salary since I'm up in Albany.

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  • Thank you so much! I have all of those exams so my certifications should be fine. It's just finding a job :/
  • Most school districts use OLAS, but I will warn you that for the last 2 years most districts have let go between 15-20 teachers. Teachers with 9-12 years of experience are now without jobs here. It's bad. I, myself, am just barely hanging on (and waiting for one of the other teachers to retire in the next year) with a part time position as a HS math teaher.
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