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Lake George Indoor Photo options?

getting married at the Fort William Henry, Our pictures will be along Beach road with mountain background/ Lake, docks etc

JUST INCASE i dont have any great ideas for indoor location?  The fort william henry has a nice lobby but thats my only idea right now.  Any ideas??

Re: Lake George Indoor Photo options?

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    I think the lobby is a good idea.  We took pics along Beach Road too!  We didn't have an indoor location picked out so I guess we got lucky.  Good luck and here's a pic!

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    I'm a FWH bride too!

    I havent really put much thought into if it rains or not for my wedding but the lobby is pretty so that would work for an indoor picture location if it had to. Maybe you could take some pics in one of the arcades on Canada Street? This would probably only work if you were going with more of a photojournalism feel like we are but I bet the pics would be super cute.
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