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I'm having trouble deciding what to do about my hair and makeup.  I've had a good haircut at B'yond Style on New Scotland Ave. in Albany, and I like the looks of the updos on their website.  I've been quoted with a price of $240 for hair and makeup, including a trial for each.  It's about $100 for bridesmaids' hair and makeup, no trial included.  This seems high to me, but maybe about normal for the area.  As an added bonus, this salon isn't too far from where I live.

Since the wedding is at the Appel Inn in Altamont, there's also a few options that are on the way and/or closer to the actual venue.  Does anyone have any experience with Runi Salon in Westmere Plaza or Spa Li Ve, right across the street? 

I do not like Jean Paul and won't use them for my wedding day, but any other raves or warnings about hair and makeup near the Albany/Guilderland area?  I'd like to stay around or under $250 total.

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    My regular hair dresser from the cuttery on new scotland did my hair for my wedding and brought along another person to assist with all of the bridesmaids.  I paid $50 each for the bridesmaids to have their hair done and $75 for myself (plus a $30 trial) and I tipped them $10 for each person.  I used Amy Elizabeth for makeup and she also came to the hotel - she was fabulous.  I believe I paid $125 including the trial and $50 each for the bridesmaids (and again I tipped $10 per girl).  I know Amy also has a partner who travels who does hair.  Amy was amazing - if you are considering not going to a salon I'd highly recommend her.

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    I am using Lipstick N Lashes. They did my friends wedding and I already had my trial with them. I loved everything!  They do travel and the prices are so reasonable.
    Good luck

    PS. is the website if you want more info
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    I think 100 for makeup/hair for your bridesmaids is the going rate. I am using True Grace Makeup. I just had my trial last weekend and I loved it! I don't wear too much makeup on a daily basis and she made it look so natural!
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    I'm using Make Me Fabulous. They are traveling from Ballston Spa to Albany to come to my hotel for hair and make-up which I love. I think it's $100 for both hair and make up and bridesmaids a little cheaper. 
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