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Hotel and Morning after Brunch Options in Downtown Albany

We are having our wedding in downtown Albany and are looking for a good hotel for our guests to stay at.  I am a little worried about having people stay downtown because of the sketchiness at night.  Any recommendations would be appreciated.

We are also considering having a morning after casual brunch, but our house is waaay too small and no other family member is likely to volunteer.  Does anyone know of a place that you can have a drop in brunch buffet that's reasonably priced?  I don't want to spend $25 per person for a casual stop in and have a cup of coffee and a pastry thing.  Thanks.

Re: Hotel and Morning after Brunch Options in Downtown Albany

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    We had our guests stay at 74 State Hotel and we also had our morning after brunch at the hotel.  Our brunch was a bit more formal than pastries and coffee, but it was a drop in type situation and the hotel worked with us on the menu and price to suit our needs.  We rented almost the entire hotel (they have exactly 74 rooms) and offer valet parking, etc, which is nice for guests.  The hotel is really nice, and they dont have as much weekend business so they gave us a great rate.  Its much nicer/cosier than the crowne plaza or the hampton inn there.  Our RD was around the corner at La Serre, and we got married at St. Marys so it was really covenient for our guests. 
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    But downtown albany is "too sketchy."
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    Well I'm not totally adverse to downtown.  I just worry a little bit.  The valet parking may be a good thing.  I just picture downtown Albany in May as crawling with college kids on a Saturday night, but now that I think of it, the colleges will not be in session.
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    Albany downtown is still crawling with college aged kids, in may. My source, I'm a 22 year old college student.

    We are having our ceremony at dale miller, guests are staying at 74 state, and most of our friends and bridal party are going downtown the night after our wedding.

    I'm not sure about a drop in option. But Madison Ave Cafe has amazing breakfast, and is very reasonable. That said it is a small joint, and doesn't have a meeting room but if you had a large enough party you could fill the place. The food is amazing, so I'm sure it is wayy worth the call.
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    I don't think downtown Albany is too sketchy.  It's not like your guests will be out at 2 in the morning cruising Pearl Street anyway.  Where's your wedding?
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    Our reception is at the Fort Orange Club.  My concerns about downtown is mainly the Hampton Inn (a lot of noise and I've had some worrisome experiences down there late in the evenings), but maybe the Crowne Plaza or 74 State would be good.  I was hoping to find a place with rooms around $100, but that may not be possible.  I just keep thinking of my cousins from Minnesota taking a walk at night and getting lost in a sea of kids, but they're hearty folk and can probably manage.

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    The Crowne Plaza is nice and Websters Restaurant (part of Hotel) serves breakfast.  If you call in advance and block rooms, yur guests can get a discount when they reserve a room if they mention your name.

    And all places can be sketchy if you are not familiar with them.  Downtown Albany is beatiful at night and the people out at the clubs won't be by the hotel, they will be on Lark and Pearl streets... the hotel is secluded from that, plus... most of the bars are at the other end of Pearl St (near the Palace) so that area is can be really busy.

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    I am in dowtown Albany almost daily and at all different hours. I would personally go with 74 State St as opposed to the bigger hotels. It is very classy and intimate. I can't imagine a "sea of college students" in that area but I understand your concern. I don't know your wedding date but there could be something going on in the park that weekend which would keep the crowd more uptown.
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    I am getting married at the Crowne Plaza this October and the price for the breakfast buffet is $16.95 pp and that is tax and tip included.  They have been amazing and so helpful with everything!  I highly recommend them as a place for your guests to stay and eat the next morning! 
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    I'm getting married this June and we're staying at The Morgan State House Inn (actually we rented out the whole brownstone for ourselves and some of the bridal party) but we're having the majority of our guests stay at the Hampton Inn. We went for a tour as well as 74 State and the Crown Plaza. Even though we were not staying there it was important that our guests would like it. We got the best rate at the Hampton plus it was the most modern and youthful by far out of the three. 74 state was definitely a nice boutique hotel, however, could use some renovation. I think it would be a good place to send the older generation. The Crown Plaza was nice as well, with a good bar, however, again better suited for the older generation. In terms of possible sketch factor, I don't think it will be much of an issue. That particular area in Albany is not bad, and the bars and restaurants are great to have so close by. I'd much rather have some college students around than some other characters, I don't see what the issue with that is. The Hampton gave us a deal to have breakfast included for our guests, I think they are paying around $115, a really great deal! 
    Good luck  :)
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