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House of Brides/RK Bridal reviews??

Hey ladies!! I'm going to be in my cousins wedding in September (I know, short term planning!!) and I found the BMD that she wants for $55-80 off at House of Brides and RK Bridal. Does anybody have any recent experience with these sites that they could share? I used RK Bridal for my BMD but that was 3 1/2 years ago & I've never used HOB, so any thoughts, opinions or experiences shared would be greatly appreciated!! TIA :)

Re: House of Brides/RK Bridal reviews??

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    I used RK 4 times now, most recently for a friends wedding coming up this Oct.  Ive never had any issues with them and we always get them shipped to one girl to save on costs as well.
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    Has anyone ever used them to purchase a wedding gown?
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    I've used RK Bridal for both bridesmaid dresses and a wedding gown and have never had any issues.  My friend even ordered her bridal gown through them and had them ship it to Ireland with no issues.  I think they are great to work with!
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    I used RK Bridal for my dress and my mom's dress....loved them!  I would definitely recommend them.  In the bridal section, I worked with Jo and my consultant and in the Mother of the Bride/Bridesmaid section, we worked with Sandy.  Sandy is there every day except Tuesday and Wednesday.  :)

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    I used House of Brides for my bridemaid dresses (much cheaper than the store). They were perfect though they were delivered about two weeks after the promised date (though my wedding dress also was to the store - so it might just be the wedding industry). They were packed in the original box (I'm guessing - still had the Watters tape on it and my address put over the top) and were wrapped in plastic/on hangers.
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