Disappointed in Ambiance wedding coordinator of Flowers and Cake out of Calhoun, TN

I cannot recommend AMBIANCE wedding and event caterer out of Calhoun, TN. 
The owner, Lugh Lemley, was very difficult to work with throughout the planning for the wedding.  He did not cooperate with most of my daughters' requests for flower colors and the colors for the cake.  He was very condescending and had his own ideas of what he thought she would like with no regard to what she wanted. 
As far as returning phone calls, HE WON'T!  The mother of the groom is still waiting for a return phone call, and it has been over 2 weeks since the wedding. I could elaborate more of mishaps and rude encounters with Mr. Lemley, but only if you request specifics. 
Mr. Lemley lacks professionalism, courtesy and ethics in his business.
Brides beware! 
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