NWR Question for Memphis & Nashville folks!

Georgia neighbor here!
My friend and I are road tripping next month to TN.
We're going to Cookeville, Memphis, then back up to Nashville before heading home.
We'll be in Cookeville April 7th, stay the night there,..then the 8th driving to Memphis, staying the night there, then the 9th driving back to Nashville and staying the night there. Home on the 10th.

Our budget is not allowing for TOO much extra stuff, but my question is for Memphis & Nashville folks.

**In Memphis we are staying at Days Inn on American Way..is that an okay place?
& also what is there to do before we head out of town? (is there anything you would suggest to a visitor?)

**Nashville folks,..We're staying (more than likely) at Holiday Inn Express on Broadway, is that an okay place?
& Also for yall, what would yall suggest to a visitor to do before we head home?
Also, we want to eat at the Hard Rock (I think)....can anyone tell me how their prices are, & food. lol

(NOTE: Saturday-which is when we'll be going to/staying it N-ville- is a little more free for us *other than all the driving*, we have plans Thrus. & Friday night)

Thanks to anyone that helps! Hope yall's wedding planning is going great!

Sorry if that was confusing!

Re: NWR Question for Memphis & Nashville folks!

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    Hello neighbor!

    American Way in Memphis is not the greatest place. I would look into downtown Memphis, you can find some good deals in Court Square, which puts you close to Beale Street and since your limited on time downtown is a great tourist place where walking around and people watching is just as much fun. Your close to the MS river, Beale St, the more artsy South Main District, plenty of stuff to do! I wouldn't eat at the Hard Rock in Memphis, there are much better places to eat such as The Rendevous, Memphis Best BBQ! It's also downtown.

    I also used to live in Nashville and Broadway is a nice area, it's right in the middle of the "entertainment" area of downtown Nashville. Broadway, 2nd St, & Demumbreum(sp?) have a couple of great bars and resturants. The Hard Rock in Nashville is pretty good. I would definitely visit Gigi's cupcakes, they are divine. I know they are downtown just not sure of the address.

    Hope that helped! Enjoy your roadtrip!

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    Thank you! I really didn't think anyone would respond.

    So, American Way...is it in a bad neighborhood? For budget reasons it fits, lol. But it's always better to hear from someone that lives in or around the general area!
    We'll literally only be there to get ready & sleep. lol But I will look into more downtown places.
    & We're thinking about goin to the zoo..haha. It's cheap & we love animals so it works, but thank you for the suggestions, I will definitely look into them! Beale street does seem interesting. It'll all depend on timing. haha.

    & Nashville, we might splurge a little on the hotel, just because its a convenient area to everything.
    As far as the Hard Rock in Nashville, how are the prices? Is it expensive or fairly reasonable?

    & You definitely help, thank you! Lots to think about and plan.
    & Thank You, we're going to try to make the best out of it, a budgeted road trip, if gas alone doesnt take all of our money!!
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    Yeah I probably wouldn't stay near American Way. It's kinda sketchy. If you want budget I would check Bartlett or Cordova or even something closer to the Zoo. The Zoo is great.

    Hard Rock isn't "expensive" but ofcourse you pay for the novelty of the restuarant. It's comparible to other restuarants downtown.

    Always glad to help! It usually does help to hear first hand about a particular area.
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    Barlett is a great suggestion. They have many hotels for a decent cost. I hope that you enjoy your time in Memphis!!

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    American Way is NO BUENO! I would suggest something in east memphis close to the interstate like Hampton Inn on Poplar and Estate. Or maybe Holiday Inn on the university of Mmephis campus. Most of the hotel workers will be able to guide you to the best places. Definitely, do the Zoo it was rated #1 in America! Also, for another really neat exprience on the cheap, I would check out the Civil rights Museum (sounds boring but really interesting) or the Gibson guitar factory! For restaurants...definitely have lunch at The Arcade... its a restaurant downtown. It is the oldest diner/restaurant in Memphis and the prices are great for a quick bite!
    I hope you enjoy your stay in the "Bluff City"!
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