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Buyer Beware Gioavonni's Bridal Boutique Antioch TN LONG

Hi ladies,
I am a Chicago knottie. I married on 9-11-10 in Oak Brook IL.

I wanted to save money on my wedding gown so in January I found the above internet vendor and initiated an order. I thought by buying in the US I would be safe.

They claim on their website that they can replicate designer gowns. The person I delt with was Nikki Taylor and she was the only person I ever spoke to, paid, and took delivery of the dress from.

I placed my order and paid. Nikki tod me on the phone the dress would look 95-97% like the pics.

In 17 weeks she delivered nothing that looked like what I ordered. The cut was wrong, the color wrong, the neckline wrong, and the details were absent.

I immediately called to ask if she sent me the wrong gown and lodged a complaint.
The workmanship was HORRIBLE, the edges were fraying and not finished.
I told her I wanted my money back and that I was returning it.

She stated she would refund my money if I returned the gown within 3 business days, and advised of the shipping number and requested a return authorization number.

I did all of the above in 3 days. When I requested the RA number she did not provide it and ignored every email I sent after that. After weeks of phone calls and e mails ignored I decided to check the website.

Sure enough, she was reselling the gown she received back on her website and it is still there and on many other webistes for sale. I was infuriated to say the least. 

I initiated a legal action against her in small claims court in Davidson County TN and traveled from Chicago to Nashville,TN  2 days after my wedding to appear in court.
She was served a warrent to appear in court so she knew about the court case.
She did not show up in court to defend herself, her work, or her company.
I won the case by default.

I wrote her an e mail stating she owed me money on the case and she claims that she is just the customer service rep and not the owner of the company and doesn't owe me a dime. I told her according to the Davidson County Court she owes me 635.00. I asked her to provide the owner's name, she didn't.

Just wanted to warn you ladies about this scammer. She has an F rating on the local BBB for Trademark Infringement. Her name is associated with the company. 

If you google her you will see many complaints against her from brides who chose to put it out there on the internet.  
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