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Hey ladies!  I'm posting this here and on the TN nest board but am hoping someone can help me out!

My best friend from college is getting married in Nashville in August and is looking at photographers - she's currently in Philadelphia so she can't really meet with any in person.  Any feedback at all is helpful!

Has anyone used/heard of any of these photographers?


www.loriquarles.com/">Lori Quarles

Shane Irwin

www.bethrose.com/index2.php">Beth Rose

(I hope all the links work...)

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Re: XP - wedding photographer help

  • seross82seross82 member
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    Not sure what her budget is, but my fiance & I are getting married in Nashville and just booked Betsy Limbaugh to be our photographer. Her prices are really great and more importantly, her pictures are amazing! :) 

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    I'm in the process of making a decision between Ace Photography, Scoobie's Photographic Images and Divine Images Photography. We have researched many photographers and they stand out the best for our price range ($2,00 to $3,000).

    Good Luck.

  • AmethystLdy28AmethystLdy28 member
    edited December 2011
    I've seen Shane Irwin's work and it's stellar! He did a friend of mine's wedding this past month and the pics were just incredible. He's definately one of the final ones we're going to be interviewing, haven't decided really on the other two, but we have a while yet before we have to do that :)  Good Luck!
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    Twice as Chic Wedding Photography (based out of Memphis but will travel for destination weddings).

    Website:  www.twiceaschic.smugmug.com
    Packages start at $850 (all packages include cd)
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