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Hey all!!

Anyone ever get married at the Peabody in Memphis?  Please let me know if you did, and all the details.  If you have any pictures they would be greatly appreciated!


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    I worked there for 5 years. Its a beautiful venue as long as you have lots of $$$!! The Venetian room is my all time favorite and I dreamed of getting married in that room or on the rooftop! The pictures on their website do it NO JUSTICE! You would have to go and look yourself to see the ambiance! I checked into the rooftop and it was a $10,000 minimum food and beverage charge. I think that includes the outside and the ballroom on the roof. I would totally do it outside on the roof if you have the money and depending on what time of year. If not, that ballroom on the roof is also beautiful with the center being the dance floor and the venetian is lovely!!
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    When I was planning my April wedding, they told me that it was a 20,000 minimum to get married there.
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    Thanks for the help girls!!!  It was absolutely gorgeous!  I LOVE IT!!!!!!
  • From all the reviews I've been seeing on different sites, as well as other vendors, the day of the week and number of guests affect the minimum food and beverage charges.
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