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Royal Prestige of Nashville - BBB Complaint

On Thursday, August 30, I was at the Vandy game with my fiancee and family when I got a text from a number random number. The person who texted me was a rep for Southern Bridal Registry/ Royal Prestige. (Side note: how unprofessional is it to text someone trying to sell them anything in the first place?!) Here is word-for-word how the conversation went:

Rep from Southern Bridal Registry: A friend of yours has registered you and your fiance for a bridal gift. Please call me via phone @6158322387 ext. 235 so that I can make arrangements for you to receive your package.

Me: Who are you and why do you have my number???

Rep from Southern Bridal Registry: A bridal shop, a tuxedo shop, a bridal magazine, not.com or the wire

Me: I know about your scam. I'm not interested. Don't text or call this number again, please.

Me: I'm very busy and don't have time to deal with bulls**. Thanks. :)

Rep from Southern Bridal Registry: Not bs and I understand...but watch it just doing my job. :) 

Me: Watch it? You're the one who texted me. As I recall, I just told you NOT to text me again. Find someone else to harass. 

Rep from Southern Bridal Registry: Get a Life!

Me: Do not send me another message...end of discussion.

After this incident, I called the number this rep provided on four different occasions trying to get a hold of the manager. After a week of this and no call back, I decided to file a complaint with the BBB. Today, I get a letter stating on their first try to contact the company, there was respone. They contacted them again twelve days later and that is when the company responded. The person in the company who responded to the complaint claims that the representative has since been fired and I welcome to one of their vacation vouchers.....I'm going to call on Monday and have them send me a vacation voucher. We'll see if it's any worth anything since they give them away for free anyway.

Re: Royal Prestige of Nashville - BBB Complaint

  • I just called one of their numbers and got a voicemail even though their recording says they open at 9. I called another number and asked to speak with a manager was told the manage was busy. What a shock! I'll call back later today, but this is absolutely ridiculous. 
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