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Need Help! Looking for music help

My fiance are getting married in less than four months, and I still haven't decided what I am walking down the aisle to. We are two pagan women, so traditional stuff is not a worry with us lol. Still, I'd like it to be something sweet that won't embaress my traditional father, either. That make sense?

For the ceremony, we are looking for a song for the bridal party, one for her entrance, and then one for mine. The only song we have for sure is my fiance's song, "Marry Me" by Train. I can't even focus on the bridal party song as I'm so hung up on finding one for my own entrance. I've listened to dozones of songs this weekend, and I still can't pick one.

Then later, after the cocktail hour, we are to be introduced again. My fiance suggested an upbeat party song (her idea - Lady Gaga's born This way). I'm not so convinced of this, and would LOVE feedback.

I'm going nuts, and any help would be appreciated!

Re: Need Help! Looking for music help

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    We used a lot of music by Vitamin String Quartet -- they do contemporary music arranged for string quartet, and it's really cool. You can listen to their stuff on iTunes.
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    Lots of couples are going with upbeat, fun tunes for their reception entrance. I think Born this Way would be pretty cool actually.

    As for your own entrance ... what types of music do you like? I haven't planned mine yet, but I suspect that it'll be something jazzy, since that's my big love.

    I posted some possibilities further down, in another post.

    I like almost anything by Harry Connick jr, Michael Fienstein is also wonderful, or you could pick something instrumental, as PP suggested.

    The good news is that there are lots of great songs out there. Picking just one is the tricky part!

    Good luck!
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