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reception site & photographer booked :)

It's been such a great week for me. This week we booked our reception site and I was so lucky because their prices went up but the coordinator respected the ones she had given me in january :)  and im glad because the difference is pretty big. We also interviewed our photographer and booked her as well :)  So everything has been going pretty smooth for us... we have the Church, reception site, and photographer booked. Now we are in a quest for a small band or a good dj... we have guests coming from mexico, which speak no english, and co-workers that speak no spanish...so we totally need a bilingual band or dj LOL!
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Re: reception site & photographer booked :)

  • Congrats on your bookings! We have booked the venue so far - photographer hopefully next week.

    Oh good luck with the bilingual search! Although, being in Fort Worth, it might be a bit easier than if you were farther north. Or would you be able to have a family member that's bilingual translate?
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  • You might try posting the bi-lingual Q on our DFW board.  I know our vendor site for DFW isn't quite ready for DJ info yet :P
  • For the bi lingual DJ I suggest your local board DFW! The ladies there should be able to help you or at least guide you in the right directions.
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  • Thanks for the advice... i will post a Q on the dfw board... It's been very hard to find the type of dj or band i want.... I recently went to a latina bridal expo and all the djs and bands played a type of music we dont really like... like mexican, true mexican music lol... we are hoping to find someone who can play salsa, bachata, and lots of rock pop (both spanish & english)  We are having a maricachi play for an hr or so, I think that's the very traditional mexican touch to our wedding.
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