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dogs in engagement photos

We want to have our dogs in some of our engagement photos. However we're not from Austin  so we'll only have our car. Our photographer suggested having someone along to hold the dogs when they're not in photos- has anyone else done this? Does anyone know of a dog walker type person who might be up for the task?  TIA

Re: dogs in engagement photos

  • jdmohlejdmohle
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    We had our dog in a few of our pictures as well. We had my  sister come along to handle the dog when we weren't including her in the photos. It really worked well having someone look after the dog and allowed us to get a lot of great shots with and without our favorite mutt! Bottom line: a dogsitter that day is a must!

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    We're totally doing this.  (Yeah, we've become one of those couples.  I'd bring her down the aisle too if our venue allowed dogs.)  Our weimaraner is nuts, so my mom will for sure be there to help handle her.  I'm sure you could post a craigslist ad if you need a last minute person to help.
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    I love dogs! Email me if you need someone to help... secondstar2theright [at] gmail [dot] com
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  • foxandsocksfoxandsocks
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    I had our dog in our e-pics. We brought along my mom to hang with the dog when weren't taking photos with him.
  • shanwalk2shanwalk2
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    i brought a bridesmaid along to wrangle the dog.  I also brought tons of treats for her to offer him so he'd look the right way for the photos... or perk up his ears when she called his name. 

  • sarainaustinsarainaustin
    edited December 2011
    I would definitely recommend bringing someone along (even in a separate car).  That way

    a) the dog isn't in your car getting your changes of clothing all hairy
    b) the dog will have someone to play with them while you get your own photos done
    c) you'll have someone to feed/water the dog so you won't have to worry about it! =)
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    You should totally have your dogs in your pictures - after all, aren't they your children for better or worse too?  ;)

    Check this out -

  • laleighmoorelaleighmoore
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    We will definately be bring the baby girl with us! Thankfully she is fine on her own so we wont need help 'wrangling' her. Her #1 pastime is laying outside sunbathing for HOURS on end.
    We are thinking of heading deep into the hill country for some of them and taking a few informal ones in May with the blue bonnets and lavender fields in Fredericksburg.
    Any other ideas out there?
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